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3rd dui in WI. Never went to jail, released from the hospital after blood draw. Now what
Drove off the road way, started to walk home. Someone called it in, cops picked me up half mile down the road. Took me to the hospital, did a blood draw and then released me to a responsible party. I never got a ticket and they gave me my licence back. Licence is still valid. Not sure what to do now or what is happening.
The first step is talk to either the attorney that represented you on your second DUI. He will be able to do the...
Got picked up 1st OWI, went to Court judge dismissed OWI but charge for the PAC. Is PAC the same as OWI charge?
My husband got picked up 1st OWI, the state attorney had the judge dismiss OWI but found guilty on the PAC becasue his bac was .16 he got it lowered to .15 but that didn't make any difference he still got the fines and IID required to be installed in car. So is the PAC the same as OWI meaning it stays on your record for years and is it charged the same way being on your driving record for insurance? Also if he would get picked up again would that be his 2nd owi or his 1st?
PAC is driving with a prohibited alcohol concerntration. Essentially it is one of two "drunk driving" variations, with...
CDL eligibility after multiple OWI,DUI
I have never had a cdl , I have three DUI's one in 2012 and two in 2014. It was a bad time in my life and I have then been much more responsible. On the rare occasion if I drink I dont drive period. I dont question how many drinks or how long, its anything and no driving. I am running a successfull construction business but need a cdl to transport my equipment legally. Wisconsin says 3 major violations result in a lifetime cdl ban, even if you were in a passanger car. I didnt have a cdl, does this disqualify me from ever getting one? Expungment is out of the question , wisconsin does not do that. The law is unclear if the driver has never had a cdl to begin with.
The federal regulations are not unclear. § 383.51 ("Disqualification of drivers. (a) General. (1) A person required...
Per a DUI court order on 22nd June , my license is revoked for 6 months. Could I appeal to court to reduce now ?
My DL is revoked for 6 months by a court Order on 22nd June. Not able to get a limited/occupational driving license in my residential state for an entry in national registry by Wis DMV. Could I still appeal to court to clear so that I get an limited license?
Whether there is some way for you to get a license in your home state is a question that must be answered by a lawyer...
While under arrest and taken to a hospital can a doctor force medical care on you?
I was arrested for DWI and taken to a hospital, after a brief loss of consciousness, secondary to low blood sugar levels. I was awake, alert and responsive when I arrived at the ER. I refused medical care yet the doctor ordered me held down for a blood draw and catheterization. The arresting officer told the doctor it was a first offense and he had no need for a blood test and there was no warrant issued for a blood draw. Being a Registered Nurse I told the doctor I knew what had happened, low blood sugar, and that I did not want any medical care. My struggle to stop the unwanted medical care resulted in my being charged with a misdemeanor. Was it legal for the doctor to do this?
I practice criminal law and not civil law, so I will analyze your fact situation from my viewpoint. If a judge did not...
Application for MN limited license rejected because of a national registry entry by Wisconsin.What to do?
I have a MN License. My driving privilege revoked by Wis DMV for 6 months. MN DMV revoked for 30 days. Still not able to get limited license in MN for a national registry entry by Wisconsin. Per Wisconsin DMV, the clearance will be given after 6 months. Seems , till then I'll be not able to drive even though MN revoked it only for 30 days. What to do next ?
If this happened on June 22, you could possibly get the case reopened. Whether that will help you or not is a separate...
If I got a DUI in Illinois but am a Wisconsin resident, can I still drive in Wisconsin?
I'm supposed to have my license suspended for 6 months for a DUI I got in IL as of 6/16/16 which was 3 days ago. I contacted the WI DMV and they said my license is still valid until IL reports the conviction to WI. But I thought Wisconsin wasn't part of the driving compact? So can I just pay to get my driving privileges in IL reinstated after the 6 months and just not drive in IL until then? Will I need to follow any process in WI to keep driving? I'm in the process of applying for the BAIID that IL requires but I don't want to start payments until I know I absolutely need it.
I'm going to change your practice area from Government to DUI/DWI in the hopes you get more responses from DWI...