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How many failed start-up tests am I allowed with a ignition interlock before the RMV sends a hearing notice?
Failed an initial start-up test the other day and have been looking for a clear answer but can't find any. Older posts say that two failed start-ups is a lock out and two lock outs trigger a hearing. The affidavit that I signed says that two failed start-ups creates a lock out and in some cases a single lock out triggers a hearing and some cases it takes two. Also on the affidavit it explains what a failed test is and says two failed tests equals a lockout and two lock outs due to a failed test triggers a hearing. I've also seen on only one lawyer’s website that a lock out due to two failed start-ups is now triggering hearings. The affidavit seems intentionally vague, the rules 540 cmr 25 which is the RMV's guidelines don't say what happens with a lockout due to failed start-ups and general law 90 24 1/2 says the RMV can take away my license if I blow over .02 on at least two occasions. Just really confused and would like some clarity.
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If I have an 6 year old dui in mass and I get another in NH does that count as two dui in NH ??
I have an old dui in Massachusetts from 6 years ago which has been resolved. I am a mass resident. However I just received a dui in the state of NH. How will this effect me ? Does it count as a second in NH because I have an old dui in Mass ? Someone told me these states are reciprocal. Please advise ?? I'm so confused.
The states do communicate with one another, so you will likely face consequences for a subsequent offence in NH as well...
How do I receive my court disposition for my DUI case 6 years ago?
I am trying to reinstate my license up here in Massachusetts
Contact the clerk of the court where the hearing occurred. You should be able to order a copy of the transcript/...
What are the chances of a DUI from 1998 being dismissed or dropped in MA?
I recently found out that I have a warrant out of Lynn Ma from 1998 for a DUI. I have the paperwork from the court. I also wrote a request to the judge to lift the warrant so I could attend court and the request was declined.
You need to retain counsel to handle this warrant or you're likely going to be incarcerated if you go this on your own....
How how to modify my probation?
Part of my probation is to submit to drug testing I just graduated from New England Truck and Tractor School and it's hard to get a job because of drug testing hours if there's a way to have my probation modify
You should have an attorney prepare and file a Motion To Amend Conditions of Probation. The Motion can be presented to...
What kind of problem or charges can I face if I dot have car insurance and someone stole.my car when he was drunk and crashes.?
Somebody that I know took my car without my permission he wasn't able to drive my car because he had an accident on it in November when he stole the car for the first time, he wasn't allowed drive my car I don't give any permission or he didn't even ask, he was drinking at home with my husband and when my husband run to the bathroom he get the keys and get out of the house, he drove for probably a mile and then he crashes with three cars, two person where taken to the hospital, my car has been with out insurance for two weeks, then we received a phone call from one of the persons involved in the accident that told us what happened, he is in jail now but we haven't made anything yet, he statement to the police officers that he stole the car, that he get it with out our permission and that he did it once before, what I will be responsable for or what charges will I have , if any??? I need help ASAP. Thanks Teresa
You don't want to say any more on a public forum. You might expect a lawsuit from the injured parties. Because you do...
The police advised me not to take a breathalyzer can I have the 180 day loss of license thrown out.
I crashed into a pole I was intoxicated and told the officer that I was. I failed the field test and there was also a witness that stated I was drunk. At the station I read the consent form to take the breathalyzer and checked yes. The officer told me they can't advise me but to check no and get a lawyer. I did as I was told and at court I plead to a continuation without a find. The trouble is instead of losing my license for 45 days I lost it for 45 days plus the 180 for refusing to do the breathalyzer. I drive for a living and after 6 months I will be terminated if I do not have a license. This is my 1st offense and my only traffic violation I have ever had. I don't understand why they would advise me to do this as of now a 20 year career is probably over with a loss of my pension. Is there any way I can get the 180 days thrown out?
get enrolled in the 24 D program--you are eligible for a hardship license three days after you were placed on probation...