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My son was charged with OWI but was NOT DRIVING. He was at a single family home, truck was parked in driveway, he was in home.
My son was at friend's home (single family private home), they were fighting, someone called to report fight. 4 or 5 sheriffs came with guns drawn. My son was in garage & his truck was parked in driveway. Officers ignored the reason they came & instead arrested my son for OWI without cause. He was not driving but had a beer at the home. Now they are charging him and order to suspend license. Should he get a lawyer or can he subpenea the 911 call & all officers reports & police car video to prove he was not driving & to prove why they were actually there? Should he request jury trial? He only has this week to do this & to request review for DL suspension. We don't have money for attny. at this time, but need wrongful arrest charges dropped. We only have this week to req. jury trial. Advice?
This is a very complex area, one that few attorneys have the training to handle well. 1. Your son wants to request...
I live in wisconsin and have 1 dui that I was convicted in late 2007 or early 2008.
Ive never went to class or reinstated my liscense. Is there a statue of limitations on the time frame for the assessment or other fees. My fines are paid. When I look on the website it says that I need an assessment and need to pay other fees. My boyfriend got a dui back in the ninetys and he went without a liscense for about 5 years. He just had to reinstate himself and that was the end of it.
You need to retain a good local criminal in Wisconsin to complete your case properly if you are interested in driving...
Are EtG tests used on 5 panel tests?
I made a huge mistake to drinking and ive been released on pre trial for a prescription drug charge. They told me that I have a five panel tests to pass, does that include EtG?
With pretrial monitoring, usually you will be asked to blow into a preliminary breath test device or give a urine...
If i have a suspended license in wisconsin will it show up in florida if iam stopped by police,for any reason
i had heard that wisconsin driving records are not reported to florida , as wisconsin is not part of reciprocation pact
Yes, it will show up regardless of what you have heard.
What should we do for DWI parole violation ... ?
My son was convicted 4th DWI Felony H & I... violated the parole. 8/28 pled guilty to the 5th DWI/ sentenced in different county than the 4th. 2 yrs jail & 1 1/2 yrs rehabilitation. Now he has to go in back to court in front of the judge that sentenced him on 4th/ parole violation. Will they go back to original charges of Felony H & I; if so how much time can they sentence him too. He is a good hard working man who would do anything for you but just can't seem to stay sober. What are his changes if he pleads guilty and is remorseful/ wants help.
I am not familiar with the terminology "H & I". I can tell you that he faces sentencing on the charge(s) of which he...
I have 7 drunk drivings making me a felon and I was wondering if there is any possibility of a pardon?
I got my first dui in 1991 and my last one in 1998 and have been sober since June 2 of 2000. I would like to get my hunting priveledges back and be able to own a firearm to protect my family.
No. Our current governor has publicly stated he will grant no pardons, has not appointed the necessary board to review...
Location, Wauwatosa (Milwaukee) Wisconsin Charges: Initially stopped for Unsafe Lane Deviation I informed the deputy that I was on my way to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription for Suboxone, and that I take Suboxone (which I am prescribed and treated for previous opiate/heroin addiction and AODA) OWI (1st), the deputy informed me I failed the field sobriety test I refused blood test (She mentioned I might refuse, and I said yes, I do because I’ve never been in this situation before and don’t know what to do, and do not like needles or being stuck. I did not know that a refusal is a big deal and am learning this now during research. statute 346.63(1)(a) OWI statute 346.13(1) unsafe lane deviation I do not have a lawyer and have my first court appearance in 2 days
You questions leaves out a lot of pertinent facts, but you should not give any more detail in this forum. You should...