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I had a dui 3 years ago in wy, i moved to mn and just today recived a license sus. is this legal, or is this a mix up
recived a dui on 1 23 2010 completed all my fine had a year probation reinstated my license and completed alcohol classes. Moved to Mn and today 1 10 2013 recived a letter from the mn dmv that said that my license had been suspended this can't be for real. I got the dui in wy no i can't drive in mn without reinstateding my license, having it suspened 30 days and completing drug and alcohol class someone please help me
I obviously can't directly help you as an attorney, but I would suggest that you communicate with your new state's...
Do you suggest we get a lawyer?
my husband got a 3rd degree dui and we make to much money to get a public defender. we were quoted by a local attorney 1500 which we do not have so my question is. Is it a really bad idea for him to go into court and just plead guilty at his first court apperance without representation
Yes I'd definitely suggest retaining counsel. There is a strict deadline for challenging the license revocation. Your...
Is there a way to fight a dui?
My father got a dui in August, he was sitting in his van with the keys in the ignition. The vehicle was off and he was not planning on driving. He was on the phone with my brother when the cops walked up on him, he was asking my brother for a ride. Is there a way to fight the dui? Or get a lesser charge?
There are a great many options and possibilities. The state must prove that your father was in physical control of the...
Tailgated by a police officer and it resulting in their probable cause for dwi arrest; unlawful restraint?
Cars are considered deadly weapons when fleeing (been a violent crime for a few years now). So, if an officer induced a driving error by following much to closely for a mile, could an unlawful restraint defense work? You can't speed up (you're going the speed limit), you can't slow down (you'd cause a collision), and you're terrified because if you have to make a defensive maneuver you'll likely also cause a collision. Thoughts?
Is this a hypothetical? It's unclear from your question whether something happened to you or not. Either way, the...
How to retain an occupational license
I was convicted of a dwi in Wisconsin since they go back to 1989 it ended up being my 3rd the two others were in mn. Wisconsin will allow me to get an occupational license but Minnesota said they will only issue my regular license because in there eyes I served my time. So now I can not seem to get an occupational license or a regular license because wisconsin has a hold on my license. Is there a way around it so I could obtain a or some sort of license?
Your post is not entirely clear, and, regardless, further detail would need to be known. I assume you've done all you...
Should I come clean to my PO about drinking?
I was recently sentenced for my 2nd DWI in Rice county, MN. I went to treatment before they could ask me to and ended up with some fines, three years of supervised probation, and have a year of jail time hanging over my head. I also have ignition interlock. I've recently slipped up a few times and have failed, locked out, and had warnings on my breathalyzer. Now, one of the terms of my probation is to abstain from all drugs/alcohol. How bad is it going to look to them when they see the results of my interlock? Should I come totally clean to my PO as soon as possible and just be honest? Thanks so much for any feedback. Jake
If as you say you have been locked out from the interlock device and your probation officer is going to find out anyway,...
Charged with refusal to take breathalyzer in minnesota. How can I avoid losing my driving privilege for a year?
Pulled into the driveway and two police cars turned on blue lights. They said a 911 call came in saying I was driving erratically on interstate. Failed field test, taken in and tried to take breathalyzer. Unfortunately, I couldn't blow hard enough to get the thing to work. So, I was charged with refusal to take test and the paperwork says I'm going to lose my license for a year. What can I do?
You should consult with an experienced DWI attorney without delay to preserve your rights and challenge your 1 year...