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When will my sister be charged or receive citations?
Sister driving while alcohol intoxicated. She was involved in a hit and run accident, but left the seen. Police were called, received a vehicle description and searched and located her driving erratic at high speed. She passed several other cars crossing over the center lane in a No-cross Zone, narrowly missing other drivers, then she crossed over the center lane, with 2 police chasing, light and sirens on, hitting a vehicle head on. The other driver was treated and released at hospital, my sister was treated for minor injures, was admitted for observation and discharged after a day and a half. My sister thinks she just blacked out and rolled her car. She stated she has no idea where her car is, or if its even drivable. This information I received from the local paper, no names have been released.
Based upon what you've posted it certainly seems highly likely that your sister will be charged with several offenses...
I have 3 duis and dwls and history of relapse. How likely am I to have my license reinstated with 5 years sobriety?
My last DUI was plead down to a misdemeanor. I go to aa and have a sponsor and go to substance abuse counseling. I have two prior periods of sobriety. One period of Sobriety was over 5 years and the other about 3 years.
If you can prove 5 years of complete sobriety with no relapses, that will definitely help. The AHS is SUPER strict on...
What will happen if you fail a drug test on bond but your final sentencing was the next day before the drug test results came?
On bond for a dui and had a drug test the day before my last court date. The court didn't have my drug test results in time but I still violated my bond. would it now be a probation violation or what will happen?
Could have a problem. I don't know the specific facts of the violation but if I did I could be helpful.
How do i get my license reinstated after a suspension from missing a reexamination date
So my license has been suspended indefinitely due to me missing a driver reexamination date. The only problem is that i have no idea what the requirements needed to reinstate my license are. Any help would be great!
Get a complete, certified copy of your driving record from the Secretary of State, and then contact an attorney in your...
My D/L has been revoked in Michigan since 1995. In the last 40 mos. I have been in AODA therapy & participated in a community
based support group .Remaining sober & reinstating my driving privileges are my # 1 priorities.I have been advised that my best chance of reinstatement would be to apply in Colorado. Please , can someone tell me if this advice is correct & what my obligations would require to be successful.
Speak with a Colorado attorney about this. In the past, Colorado would not require a clearance from Michigan, even...
Should I hire an attorney for DUI/violation
My boyfriend has been participating in a sobriety court program for the last 13 months after his 3rd DUI. He's been doing very well and has not messed up until recently. He violated his probation and got a driving on restricted and driving after using an inhalant, courts removed him from the program and sent the case back over to circuit court for sentencing. My question is, should I hire an attorney, would one be helpful in this matter and what potentially is he looking at as far as sentencing goes. I don't know what to do or if a lawyer could do anything for him at this point.
You should hire an attorney immediately if he did not have one previously. An attorney will be able to argue on his...
Jailtime for 'Super Drunk'
In your experience, is it common for a first offender with a BAC in the range of 'Super Drunk' to be given jail time?
A LOT of it depends on your Judge. Was there an accident or any kids in the car? How high above .17 was the driver (...