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Are desk appearance tickets given for aggravated reckless driving or if one of the charges is dwi or aggravated dwi?
Pulled over breathalyzed and arrested in queens. Somewhat quickly was given a desk appearance ticket so did not see a judge. I know how serious this is and extremely stressed and disappointed in my actions.
It is rare for a DAT to be given for DWI in New York City. Usually a person stopped for DWI in the city, unless...
Can I have this DWI dropped for lack of a speedy trial?
Was arrested in June of 2014 for dwi 0.8 . Went to court 2 times but my public defender could not reach a plea deal. Told by the judge that we would go to trial. I just got a letter with a court date ,from my public defender, In it he said he will meet me in court on the day of trial .it's been almost 2 years without a word from anyone .
It's possible. That is a very specific question dealing with the stated reasons for adjournments. Ask your current...
What is a DUI?
Will a DUI conviction show on my British friend's U. K. Passport and prevent him from entering USA? He is 72, and he picked up a criminal conviction almost fifty years ago. With his wife he plans to embark on a long cruise embracing North America. I understand that if the cruise is a 'Loop Cruise, which means that his ship returns to the same port from where it began, then he does not have a problem entering the country. Please confirm or otherwise. Thank you.
I am moving this to the immigration section, so you can get an answer from an immigration attorney, Good luck.
Would it create problems at US immigration or visa renewal for re-entry into the US even though my 2nd DUI case was dismissed?
I had a DUI in 2010. I was arrested for another DUI in 2015. Would it create problems at US immigration or visa renewal for re-entry into the US even though my 2nd DUI case was dismissed? I am concerned because one of the questions asked in the visa application while re-entering US is 'Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime even though subject to pardon, amnesty or other similar action?'.
You have to answer "yes" regardless of how long ago your first DUI was (assuming you were arrested), but the second...
Can a lawyer help me get my liscense back if I have 5 dwi in my lifetime and I got a letter saying I'm suspended indefinately?
Ive gotten 5 dwi's over a 20 year period my last one was 6 years ago I payed all my fines and reapplied for my liscense and was told I'm revoked indefinately.
It's very unlikely that you will ever get your license back. Driving is a privilege, not a right and you have proven...
Do I have to disclose an expunged DUI from 12 years ago on my FAA Class 1 application?
I am applying for a FAA Class 1 medical certificate for the first time. I was convicted of underage drinking 16 years ago and plead guilty to Public Drunkeness in order to not lose my license. I understand I will have to disclose this. 13 years ago, I was arrested for aggravated DUI in Oklahoma. I do not recall what my BAC was. I returned home to Pennsylvania, completed ARD, and my record was expunged. Given that the record was expunged and that it happened so long ago, before i was a pilot, do I have to disclose this on my medical application?
You should consult with an attorney in Oklahoma. New York does not have expungement fir DWI crimes.
What does it mean when the prosecutor says that they might contemplate conceding DWI charges?
DWI Case. If charges are dropped, do the arrest and fingerprint records remain on file ? Which agencies (immigration, state etc) will have those records, even after the case was dropped? Does it pose a problem to travel internationally if not convicted or charges dropped? Thank you for your help in advance ;)
Thad are perfect questions to ask your current attorney. If a case is dismissed and sealed the all records should be...