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What should i be expecting from a DUI being a DACA applicant?
i just renewed my second DACA and work permit. Ive completed all of the requirements and ive done the last step which is the biometrics fingerprint (May 13). its been two weeks since then and im just waiting on my "authorization for work" card but i just had my FIRST dui yesterday (may 25). will my application get denied ? ive never had any trouble with the law, no tickets, first time being arrested. Ive contacted a DUI lawyer and we're already in the process and i am planning to get an immigration lawyer to help me out renew my DACA in the following two years if i do get this one approved. Can they revoked or cancel the application thats in the last step? i have court on june 16, does that meant that i havent been convicted yet? THank you all for you time and answers!
IF you have court, most likely you have not been convicted yet. You should make sure your criminal defense attorney...
My dui case was never filed how do I get my license?
I recieived a dui, I blew a .08 my case was never filed. I went to my court date and was sent to d.a office the clerk gave me a paper with stamo stating so. There is a problem I'm 20 years old. I will soon be 21 is there any way I can obtain my license the clerk told me I could I went to the dmv and told me it was suspended fof a year. What can I do?
Assuming you failed to request a DMV hearing within 10 days after you were cited, your license was suspended on the...
The DMV suspension sticks, unless you beat the case at trial.
DA filed DUI charges after one year of incident what will happen?
I was charged with a DUI with a filing date 1 year 45 days after the incident. I moved from the state 10 month ago, never received any notice an now have an FTA as well. Can they still charge me after one year has past?
Yes because for the ten months you were out of state the statute of limitations does not run.
DUI- Ignition interlock device
Do I need to get an ignition interlock device in my car if my conviction was reduced to a wet wreckless? If so, can I install it myself?
It depends. If it was your first conviction, probably not unless the judge or DMV ordered that you get one (look at...
I have a DUI record in California. Besides expunging, can I get a lawyer to lower my DUI conviction to reckless driving or other
I know I can't have a clean slate, but lowering a DUI misdemeanor for reckless driving or infraction looks way better than a DUI. I want this done because I want to have great job opportunities when i receive my BA.
A "wet reckless" can be negotiated in some relatively low alcohol content cases but this must be negotiated with the DA...
After a DUI arrest, I lost my DMV hearing. I want to file a Writ of Mandate to have my suspension stayed how do I do this?
I have an attorney who is taking my criminal case to trial within the month but says I need to get another attorney to do the writ. So with no more money, I need my suspension stayed at least until then. Since, I am a paralegal with some drafting experience I think I can do it. But I need to know what the full process is (and any examples, on point, of the writ and ex parte would be great. In my case, the breathalyzer was taken out of order right after my test gave a reading, so I may have a decent case in the criminal court. I just need assistance to get the DMV decision set aside. Help me please!!
While I don't practice in CA, here is my take on the matter. While you claim to be a Paralegal with good writing...