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Why Am i Not able to get my washington license if I have completed everything in California and paid all the fines ?
Dui happened in California in 2013 convicted In 2014 ... did classes and everything and they still say that I am not clear to get my license back ...
There may be a hold on your license in California for a fine, or interlock requirement, or some such. Check with the...
If my d.u.i was back in 2008 and they decide to motion to revoke..How much time will they give me?
No law or traffic violations in last 5 years...I need to work to live and provide, not have 3 groups a week..
Are you on a defered prosecution or diversion
DWLS3 No insurance no ignition interlock?
Suspended for DUI. Prosecutor wants 100 days. I fired my attorney. Want a diversion agreement. What is the likelihood id get diversion agreement. License has been reinstated court is tomorrow at 9 am.
I assume that you fired or dismissed your public defender? Or was it private hired counsel? In my opinion you need to...
I have court for DWLS3rd and No ignition Interlock Device and Probation violation for drinking?
I know. I'm bad. I have a DWLS3rd. - and no ignition interlock. Also on Probation. - I'm in compliance with my classes. And also- the probation violation was because I drank- and cps got involved. They are now closing the case though (CPS is) But I just got my license reinstated. I do not have an attorney. And I just got an ignition interlock device. I would like to hire an attorney? Court is August 9th. What are the possibilities? Will they lower the charge because I got license reinstated. I have a one year old and a 3 month old. That I can't leave. Will I have to do jail time? wohjuld they really take me away from my kids for 60+ days? this is a mess.
Oh I have seen these type of situations so many times. You really need to have an attorney help you negotiate with the...
How much time will I get with good behavior for 90 days and if the jails crowded ?
I'm going in for 90 days and would like to know how much time I will actually serve .
Here in grant county a person gets 5 off per 30 at the normal jail. If at the work release facility if eligible you...
Do they have the right to test something that they said is positive charge me with it without them showing me what they found
I get pulled over they search me put me in car ,show me something blue and charge me with possession,they had never showed me what they say that was in my possesion
They have the right to pull you over and, if they find suspected drugs, they have a right to field test and arrest you....
My attorney wants to postpone my courtdate ?
I have suspended license charge and probation revocation together on the same court date already went to arraignment plead not guilty.. I have next court date June 7th but my attorney wants to push it ahead of time. How far ahead of time do they push it?
You have an attorney and this is his strategy. Ask him.