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What to say when accused of a dui
I was driving home at night after having a couple beers and a deer ran out in front of my car. I had to swerve and my car became stuck in a ditch. I tried to push my car out but couldn't so someone driving by offered me a ride and I went home planning to get the car out the next morning. The car was towed by police overnight after someone called and said someone crashed their car and they saw he driver staggering. Now I have to call the cop who towed my car.
Do not make any statements to the police. If a significant number of hours have gone by it is likely you have no...
Will I lose my teaching license for a DWI arrest?
I was arrested for a DWI in Nassau County I am very scared and worried I will go to jail. It is my first offense.
Did you take the breath test? If yes, what was your bac? Was there an accident? Lots of facts needed to answer your...
Ny state statute of limitations on dui for non residents with no arraignment?
Nj man charged in Catskill's ny with dwi and aggravated dwi released and never heard back from court never arraigned on charges is there a statute of limitations
Was he given a Desk Appearance Ticket or summons to appear in court? Did he give his correct address? How long ago was this?
How can the judge sentence me a Conditional discharge for DWI-1st Offense and also a conviction?
Hello, The judge sentenced me to a DWI 1st-Offense conviction with a Speeding ticket very sadly 35/85(50 miles over the speed limit). I know that this speeding is not a criminal offense under New York Law. I was given a 3 year conditional discharge with a conviction, fine, installation of interlock device, attendance to a victim impact panel, seeing a therapist. Is the conditional discharge a suspended jail/prison sentence? I am thinking about immigrating to Australia and they deny anyones application who has served a 12 month or more jail/prison sentence in the past(Suspended sentences are counted as prison sentences). Is this 3 year conditional discharge a suspended jail/prison sentence?
A conditional discharge is not a suspended jail sentence. It is a set of requirements imposed by the court. It has...
If on DUI probation, after revocation period is over do i still have to install the interlock device?
I got a revocation for one year for DUI, i have 5 year probation, they said i had to install a interlock device for one year. but now after the revocation period is over, one year has passed. can i get my regular license back without installing the device?
Speak with your probation officer. It's most likely up to them whether or not you can remove the IID. Need to look at...
I was arrested for driving on suspended license what happens now
i was arrested for driving on suspended license although i do have out of state license. this was for failure to pay speeding tickect i was charged with a misdemenor third degree offense and put in jail for 25 mintues . i was released but have to appear in court what happens now do i have a permanant criminal record
Whether you have a criminal record depends on the outcome of the case. I suggest that you hire a good criminal defense...
How will barbiturates (butalbital) showing up on your drug test affect your chances
I recently took a urine test . The only thing that showed up was a drug called Butalbital. I have no idea why that drug showed up.. I take a lot of herbal supplements and have been for many years. I don't know if any of them contributed to the result. Its so frustrating, because if you don't know you don't know what to do.
What was the test for? Probation/Parole, for a job, drug court, dwi? Affect your chances for what? You need to...