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How long do the police have to file a dui charge in Pa?
Driver has been in the hospital for 3 weeks and has not received a citation in the mail?
They have longer than three weeks. I have seen people charged four or five months later as sometimes the blood results...
Is an officer required to have dash cam of dui stop?
I was stopped for headlight being out... All of a sudden being asked to step out. Was searched then asked to do sobriety test. Completed test I would say perfectly but yet he asked for blood test... I said no cause I felt he was fishing.... Was arrested for duo. Once I realized I was actually being arrested I said I would do blood test but cop said too late I already refused. He literally had me do a slow count to 60 on one foot. I think the normal request is a 20 count.. Either way I did it with no wobble or any other indication of being intoxicated. There was no complaint about my driving or of any smell or other indicators. He says I failed sobriety test but couldn't give me any reason I failed. I feel a dash can will prove my capability to have been safely operating my vehicle
I know of no requirement that there be a dash cam in this instance. It is now just a question of his credibility or...
Is there a way to have a accident removed/expunged and a few citations from your driving record?
Accident was in August and October of 2014 (was a bad year). Then I got a few citations June of 2016. This is severely impacting my financial status with $250 liability on my vehicle and work status. Been driving since I was 16 I'm now 27 going on 28. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
No. Driving records don't work like that but they eventually fall off.
What can I exspect for a dui revocation ?
I received a dui almost a year ago. I decided to take my ARD considering I have never been in trouble before. I did all my classes and did receive an excuse from a dr for my community help. I was never told if the fines were not paid id loose my ard. I had an exstension given after the initial 6 months. I have goung dor ssi to pay the fines. My parents have put a good portion down on it. But with the extra costs for the exstension i still didnt get it paid off. Now i go to court friday for the ARD revocation and im not quite sure of what is going to happen. I wont lie im scared. I have searched the internet for answers but it seems revocation comes usally from a violation. I have no violation. Inless the fines are a violation. Payments have been made. N i have not been in any more trouble...
You should be scared. Clearly, you need to stop making excuses for your immature conduct. Every other adult in the...
Is there a way to get my driver's license back faster
I got three years left to get them back haven't been pulled over and years no DUI's
Unfortunately, I would need more information in order to answer your question. You need to contact either me or an...
Does Dui fall under act 122 while on state parole
Got first Dui on state parole
You are going to have a parole detainer lodged against you and I would suggest a lawyer right away.
My son was given five injections of narcam and went into seizures at the hospital when my son was picked up intoxicated
My son has never taken seizures he's incarcerated an don't know what his rights are for what was done to him at the hospital Mike was charged for Dui
You will need to hire him a criminal defense attorney, look also for someone with civil rights or prisoner medical...