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I was locked up for DUI in miss. State and they gave my keys to someone without me signing them out. What do I do?
They have no record of who they even gave the keys too and did not get my consent. Now I have reported car stolen and am confused about what to do. But I do know I don't have a car and no one is taking responsibility.
This isn't really a question for a lawyer unless you want to file suit.
I was locked up in miss. State for dui . the jail gave my keys away to car without me giving permission. Any help?
I reportedy car stolen. A mite county jail gave my keys to someone and have no record of who they gave them to. I now have no car and the jail is not taking responsibility for what they did. I need to file a civil suit against these people for what they did to me. I'll take any help I can get. Thank you.
You've posted this in criminal DUI when it's a civil case.
Have any of you had the chance to work with Attorney Charles D Christmas in Amite , La
I'm interested in retaining Mr Christmas as my lawyer for my DUI case but I can't seem to find any information on him as to any of his accomplishments, cases won, client reviews, etc. I'm curious to know his track record so I'm hoping maybe some of you have worked with him or know something about him. If so, I'd love to know more about it. Thank you
These are fair questions to ask counsel. May I suggest you pose your questions directly to him?
What are the best ways to argue my license suspension at my administrative hearing?
I want to be able to argue my case but I'm not sure how. I have evidence that my SFSTs were done incorrectly and also a portion of the police report that makes my stop confusing. I was stopped for speeding by one officer but the report claims that the second officer(arresting officer) was the one who caught me on radar. I find that difficult to understand seeing as how he was down the road, around the curve, and through the woods.
You should consult with a lawyer in Louisiana as to your defense strategy. Depending on the procedures of your hearing,...
Will I go to jail for a second offense driving.under suspended license?
The suspension was for a dui, I am also on probation. My first suspension was dismissed with a fine and not put on my record. I recently was stopped and given a court date. I have a son and am also in my last trimester of pregnancy. I need to know if there is any risk of jailtime. I can not get my licebse reinstated.before the court date it is in four days and can not afford an attourney.
You should be able to get the services of a pd
I am on probation for dui. my probation officer comes to my home three times in one month, every month,ifeel harassed.
It doesn't matter if you feel harassed, what matters is if the law considers it harassment. Based on what you describe,...
How long do i have to file for a restricted licences . got a two yr. suspension so do i have two yr. after my dmv hearing ?
got a d.u.i first one in 2012 . had the d.m.v hearing. licences got suspended for two yr. It's been over a yr. can i still file for a hard ship license to get to and from work?
Sounds like you have or had an attorney. Ask them this question as they are in the best position to answer it. Good luck.