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Last year while living in CA, I got a DUI and totaled my car. A year later, I started my classes but stopped going and never got reinstated. I have recently moved to Reno, NV and was wondering about how to get my program transferred. Also, in NV, would I be eligible for a restricted license if I had an SR22 and was enrolled in classes?
Your question may have nothing to do with getting your classes transferred but rather do you have to do them in...
I was driving in a cmv down I 80 in nv got pullEd over and arrested I blew .06 had to wait about an hour for tow and then cops said we had to go to hospotial to get blood drawn was drawn 3 times in 30 min increments... Which test will the go by to try and prosecute me? Also this happened 6 months ago and I was unable to appear to due to finances and living 2500 miles away.. But there is no warrant (been ran by police) and license not suspended . any idea what could have happened .
You should contact a criminal defense attorney in the county where you were arrested and have them investigate....
1) Would you take your job back knowing you may ruin it permanently by being arrested or do you think it will be house arrest due to the fact that in the judge's eyes, having a job means being able to paying fines? God knows it is up to about 4000$ now. I have served a total of 4 days for second. 2) Will first state see second DUI as summary probation violation as I was not on probation when it happened? 3) Can I just serve time for both and get it over with?
It sounds like a very serious situation. I would call and do an in person consultation with a DUI attorney ASAP. You...
My dui was over 5 years ago and I have not completed any classes. I live in another state now and cannot get my license because of a hold in California. I would be happy just to pay whatever fines necessary, I just don't want to have to take the classes. I am a student and I work with no car, there is no way I can fit 18 months of that into my life right now.
There is no statute of limitations for not doing your court obligations. Chances are, there is a bench warrant for...
I had a party on friday and was cited at my house for a minor in consumption (MIC). Can i get cited for this while at my own home? I'm a renter on the lease, we were on our private property, im 19 and we live in Reno, NV.
IF the cops were there and they observed you to be MIC, then YES you can get cited. You were in fact a MIC. Speak...
I recently got my second DUI which will turn my first wet and reckless into a DUI. Both were in CA. I know my chances are slim of getting a RE license in CA, since the DRE strict here but I wanted to know if the laws were different in NV.
Speaking with the licensing board in NV will be of more help than this board. Good luck.
Want to move to VA Misdomener DUI Can i leave?
You would need permission and would still have to be able to complete your classes.