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At 2a. He left bar (4 shots) to rescue his friend who's was at a party, friends phone died, he was looking for him on side of road. (Slow down & speeding up while looking probably) he must have looked suspicious then he took off when he saw a cop thinking he'd get a dui cop sees him short chase, guy blows tire out or wrecks truck so he gets a dui blown on scene at time 0.7...but charged with dui legal limit 0.8. What is the malicious mischief charge for? do they give anyone who alludes cop & wrecks car who had even 1 beer a dui? What are the chances of this being less than $5000- he just paid 6k on all his old debts tickets Charged w felony 1 alluding police, dui & malicious mischief. He was gone from 2:30a h called me from jail at 5am
First, jail phone calls are typically recorded. It's really not smart for your friend to make any statements about the...
I got a DUI this year in Washington state. I am being charged as a 2nd DUI offender because WA state is treating my California Wet Reckless as a DUI. In CA state, a Wet Reckless is NOT considered a DUI. Is there any way I can use WA or CA state laws to prove that it is objectionable to count my CA Wet Reckless as a DUI in WA state? I am hoping to get my charge dropped to a 1st DUI offense. Thank you for your time.
hi, I really empathize with you.WHAT THIS REALLY BOILS DOWN TO IS HOW YOU WROTE YOUR GUILTY STATEMENT. You need to get...
I received a DUI conviction 3.5 years ago (1st time) and its the only thing on my record. The judge told me that he would defer it with the stipulation being that I kept my nose clean for 5 years and after that time it would fall off of my record. I just received an HOV lane violation which is a moving violation in my state. Will that affect my deferral?
Unless the judge took the very unusual step of ordering that you have no civil traffic infractions you should be fine....
Early 2005 - first DUI (entered deferred program) completed all requirements of program except 3 year probation. Late 2007 - 2nd DUI ....BAC over .15 (not prosecuted until May 2009). Court ordered 5 years interlock. It was already installed with IIL. Seems possible under 2011 legislation court could have allowed removal in less than 5 years????? It has been well over 5 years and no violations yet DOL says removal not prior to August 2014 citing last 4 month requirement of 2011 legislature. DOL inconsistent with explanation/reasoning for August removal date. Interpretation of law appears somewhat ambiguous within DOL????????
RCW 46.20.720. The requirement is five years. The start date would depend on when the court got notice to DOL of your...
after my trial for dui/physical control charge had been continued for 7 months after arrest date and having ineffective court appointed counsel, I plead guilty and accepted a plea bargain from the prosecution. Still not feeling I am in fact guilty of this charge as I was not in the car at the time of encounter with the authorities and I maintain a safely off the roadway defense. I would like to either retract my guilty plea or ask the courts to reconsider and change judgement/charge to reckless driving. I am not being represented by counsel and even though I expressed my desire to my probation officer and former public defender to submit said motion within days of has now been 4 months since sentencing. Do I even have options at this point? Has this right been waived?
The answer to this question was answered when you stated above "plead guilty and accepted a plea bargain". You don't...
after I was pulled over I ate the rest of the other Illegal drugs I had on me. I didnt know about the blood draw that I would be forced to take or go to jail. I was under the 5 nanograms but they charged me anyway because of the multipule drugs in my blood. I technically was not driving however. How do I go about defending this case. My PD is possibly mentally challenged. Thanks and god bless
Be very careful with what you say on a public forum like this. The best way to defend your case is to hire a private...
I was arrested for DUI, I was right on the limit .08 on the portable breathalyzer test. They got a blood search warrant and took me to the hospital and got the blood sample. After that I was booked into jail. I had to bail out after a few hours. Its been more than a couple of weeks now, today I received the full refund of my bail money (the case has not been filed yet). I thought they return the bail money only when I appear in all court dates, confused .. Please suggest.
The case may have been "no charged". Get a local attorney to inquire of the prosecutor what the status of your case is.