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Possible to reverse admitting to a DUI?
I was pulled over last night because I turned left on a red from a two-way street to a one-way street. I came to complete stop, saw there was no traffic, and the proceeded to turn. I was followed and then pulled over. I had a couple drinks, was taken downtown, and blew a .110. The police officer told me i was pulled over for turning left on a red to go onto a one-way street. I asked my family friend who is cheif of police in a small town within my county and he said that is not a legal reason to pull me over. Can I contest this in court and get my DUI reversed?
You can contest the stop. Will all the charges be dismissed? That is something a judge will have to decide. I would...
If I have had a active warrant out for a few months in Douglas county due to a violation of probation cause if a dui I got?
I have had a warrant out for a few months due to violation of probation for a DUI cause as I have been jobless I haven't had the 300 bucks to go take the class probation required of me to take for the charge so the set a warrant out for my arrest due to the violation what is my best options to take? How long would I sit in jail if I turn myself in?
Turn yourself in on a Tuesday morning and you likely will see a judge on Wednesday morning. Get an attorney and they...
My daughter, age 18, received an MIP citation in Sarpy County, NE last weekend.
It is her first offense, she has had no traffic violations, DUI or MIPs. Court date is 12-27-17. We are out of town that day. She is a student at UNO and wants to be able to keep this off her record. We are residents of Douglas County. What are her options? Really do not want to have to attend diversion program in Sarpy County.
If she wants to keep it off her record, hire a local criminal defense attorney ASAP.
In the state of nebraska how can one be charged for ADV when the person who made the claim/report was intoxicated ?
I do not remember what i stated to the police 10 months ago and now 10 months later they arrested my boyfriend for charges of DOMESTIC ASSAULT, 3RD DEG -1ST OFFENSE. What can i do and what can he do?
Moving your question over to criminal defense category for answers from local NE attorneys.
Can i get a ticket for no seatbelt from my ignition interlock camera?
my state now requires a camera for my interlock just wondering if i can get a ticket for no seatbelt if the camera takes a photo of me without my seatbelt on.
I am not a DUI attorney and therefore unfamiliar with rules surrounding interlock devices. Changing to DUI, as they...
How can Missouri law charge felony DUI and sentence someone to 12 years on only one DUI prior conviction no property o involved?
My husband was arrested in Saline County Missouri. Previous DUI was when he was 19. Case was dropped. He was arrested in 2016. He was 57 years old at time of arrest can they go back that far!!
You need to ask the question of a Missouri licensed attorney or check with a lawyer with the national college of DUI...
What if foreigner on work permit get dui?
Got a dui, been to court twice and suggested probation, dad passed away before i could complete and work petmit will expire before probation is complete. I have no funds and lost my iob there due to dui, so do i go back for court case?
Attend court, get a public defender and take a jail sentence to avoid treatment, fines and probation.