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Will his DUIs and us living at my parents home put us at risk for denial of my fiancé adopting my daughter?
my fiancé and I have been together for 2 1/2 years. we plan to be married in 3 months, after six months of marriage, we are taking my ex boyfriend to court to terminate his parental rights. he is sitting in prison for 2 years for, disturbing heroin outside of his home, criminal trespassing and identity theft, 12 felonies n his record, as well as a charge on his juvenile for molesting his sister when he was 14. he has not contributed one thing to my daughter and has not seen her since she was 11 months old, she is now 3. nor any communication or interest. he has no stable home life, nor any support except from his father who has a record as well and is very violent (beat my ex with a baseball bat 8 months ago.) it was all over the news. I have a 3 year PFA against him for physical and mental abuse, as well as a police report stating he hit me while 2 months pregnant over me not allowing him to smoke in my car. My fiancé loves my daughter and she calls him daddy. Hes all shes ever known. My fiancé was convicted of 2 duis, 3 years ago. He completed everything, as well as paid all fines. We live at my parents 5 bedroom 3 bath farm house saving money for our own home.
Well everything is about the best interests of the child. If he has shown that he has beaten his drinking problem then...
Why am I not serving a 60 day license suspension?
I have a DUI back from May/June. Penndot claims to have never received the case file from the court in November. I had to call Penndot and the Court multiple times to find out why I hadn't received my 60 day suspension follow my Hearing & ARD admission. Penndot never received the case information. I called the Court and had them resend the case information. Seven days later I receive two letters, one saying I have 3 points for careless driving and another telling me that my license will not be suspended. First offense, accepted into ARD, I had a .193 BAC. Why am I not serving a 60 day license suspension?
Sounds to me like you slipped through. Go consult with a local traffic ticket attorney to satisfy your curiosity. Use...
I am wondering if I am 18, and I was not breathalyzed, is it possible to get a UAD?
I was at a party and it was busted, but no one was breathalyzed. We all received disorderly conducts.
Were you driving? Pennsylvania has a “zero tolerance” policy when for underage drinking and driving. Even the slightest...
Can i get my license and make payments on the fines?
I owe 800.00 from a 1994 dui (my 1st for which i got ARE. I got my licencecback bit got a 2nd in 2000 for which i owe 1132.00. However, the 2nd was turned over to a collection Agengy who added a few so now it Is over 1400.00. I've been told by someone who works at the courthouse that hi must pay both fines in full in order to get my license back. I am on my own and have been struggling to keep my rent and utilities paid for years. Is there any way I can get my license backband make regular monthly payments on the fines?
You should speak to an attorney to see what you can do but yes you can.
How quick does a DUI sentence go into effect after final verdict? What about it?
Hello. My fiancé got his 3rd dui a couple months ago and his final court day is tomorrow down town. His lawyer said he may be able to get him 90 days in jail or 2 years house arrest (of course thats what he wants). Its been about 8 years since his first and 4-5 since his 2nd. What are the olds with that? How much would 2 years cost with a bracelet? When would the sentence they give him go into effect? Will he be able to just move because he wants to later on?
With regard to the sentence itself, there are many factors that come into play when an individual is being sentenced....
Is it possible to reschedule a fingerprinting appointment?
Following a DUI arrest, my son been assigned an appointment to have his fingerprints taken. The problem is, this appointment is the same day as his sister is getting married in a different state. The appointment says it is not possible to reschedule and that if he fails to have his prints taken then it will result in him having them taken at the time of the prelim at a cost of several hours and a fee up to or over $200. If the former (no rescheduling) is true, will having them taken at the prelim be regarded poorly? Are there any other options? He does have an attorney but I was wondering.
It is an administrative matter that the attorney can handle. Speak to them.
Will my specific BAC matter if I'm over the 0.02 limit anyway or are the consequences lessened the lower the BAC?
I was arrested for a DUI two weeks ago and I am still waiting for my lab results with my official BAC to be sent to my house. I was pulled over about 4 hours after I stopped drinking alcohol and I consumed 5 bottles of water before leaving. I blew a 0.067; which would be okay if I was over 21, but alas I am only 20. Then there was roughly an hour and a half to two hours between the Breathalyzer and getting my blood drawn at the hospital. Will my BAC results come back significantly different than my breath test, or no?
In most cases, I have found that the breathalyzer reads higher than the blood draw. This is usually because people...