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What do I tell the judge at my non contested court date tomorrow when my co-parent got a DUI last week?
My co-parent and I had mediation last month and agreed on a parenting plan. He had 6 weeks of supervised visitations then would get our son every other weekend for two overnights. My fiancé has a job where he can be transferred to another state so also In the parenting plan it states that if we do leave the state I'll fly back every 6 weeks and stay for two weeks in which he will have our son. Also we agreed to alternate claiming Braiden on our taxes each year and 50/50 on most other decision making. Well things have changed because last week he got a DUI! And tomorrow we have our non contested court date! I want to change the parenting plan based on his recent arrest but I have no idea how! If I ask for sole custody and just give him supervised visitations then how will that work if we leave the state? I have no clue what to do
This was listed under DUI law, when it's a child custody matter.
Does the BAC level affect the ruling in an MIP case
I was cited for an MIP and given a court ordered summons. My BAC level was 0.032 at the time the breathalyzer was administered. I was wondering if the BAC level plays a major role in the judges ruling.
It would play a role in the judge's sentencing decision if this is beyond your second MIP. Otherwise it might be 0.01....
If the DMV told me nine months on my interlock is that officially how long I have to have it in my vehicle?
I blew .159 and was told I could take the interlock off in February of 2015. But I've heard with a level that high two years is required. I don't know how to go about finding out how long the interlock has to stay on my vehicle.
If the DMV made a finding that your BAC was .150 or greater, then you are required to have ignition interlock for 2...
How can I win a DUI court case I never did illegal drugs
I was arrested today for a DUI I had a pipe in the semi truck gut it was for tabaco use only they took blood test I have a lot of medical esius right now I can pass a dot drug test but can't pass a road side course my eyes is always blood shot u look into my eyes and u would think I'm high but I'm not I don't drink or use drugs I do drink slot of mtn dew and smoke cigarettes when I run out I take the tabaco out of the buts and put in my home made pipe well any way I went to the er night before for a head ache and they gave me a shot and a few pills I took a pill at 6:30 am and that was the only thing I took well 1:30 pm I got pulled over and I told the officer I did take a pain pill so I was arrested for a DUI and I was supposed to take a pain pill one every four hours well I only took one
You need to set up a consultation with an attorney as soon as possible. The roadside maneuvers are somewhat of a joke...
Do I have to pay to request a modification of my probation?
I was sentenced to a year of supervised probation, first time getting a DWAI.
You may file a motion on your own asking the court to modify your probation; however, hiring a lawyer to file such a...
I know Colorado has no "look back" period when sentencing DUIs as adults, but what if one one my DUIs occurred as a Juvenile?
I was 15 yrs old and it happend 14 yrs ago. Can they still use that against me when sentencing me as an adult. The differnce would determine whether Im senteced w/ DUI as my 2nd or 3rd.
Thie answer to your question is probably so. Most all DUIs are charged, in County Court and not Juvenile Court. When...
What are my options on a failure to appear and no compliance on a DUI in 2013 ?
I received a DUI in grand junction co in 2013. I am originally from Wyoming and have been notified that my license is still suspended and that I have a warrant out for my arrest. How much jail time am I facing ? And is it possible the court will accept a eval, community service, and classes this late after sentencing? I work in the oilfield as an electrician and am trying to get my life straightened out so I am trying to get this situation handled.
Based on your info. it appears that you pleaded and were sentenced in Co. It certainly wont hurt you to complete all...