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Family friend seeking advice on 3rd DWI and has his CDL suspended looking for help ASAP can he get his CDL back?
PO said that he was never going to get his CDL back. what happened is that he was off and his job said it was mandatory for him to go to work he explained that he was drunk and they told him go to work or lose your job.. Pressured for the job he went was reported and picked up... now in my opinion that was just a set up. So does anyone know if they can explain to me the process and is it possible for him to get help. and is the PO supposed to act like a bad person towards him if he is following everything to the letter...and he is low income so if there are some lawyers that can help. Please help his wife is disabled and very stressed .. Thank you concern friend ... Victoria
Chances of him every having a CDL (even if he could) with a DWI 3rd are slim and none. He needs to find a different...
How long should I wait to hire an attorney?
I received DWI on new years eve and bonded out. I haven't heard anything from the court. Do I need an attorney right away or should I wait and see what happens?
Line one up now. Start interviewing. You know you are going to need one.
Using Texas ENL license out of state?
Pending the results of my ALR hearing, I will likely be facing a suspension of my Texas driver's license. I am starting a job for an oil company that will require me to frequently drive in New Mexico and I was wondering if there is any way that a Texas Essential Needs License (occupational) can be used out of state? From what the NM MVD has told me, because I do not currently hold a NM driver's license, I am not eligible for their equivalent of an ENL. Any help is much appreciated.
Your occupational license will be restricted to the areas specified. Call NM again and see if they will honor your...
Can I leave the state?
I was in a automobile accident two days ago and sent to the ER. The cop was there that gave me several test and told me I failed my sobriety test. But I was never arrested. I have to move in two weeks. What do I do now?
Talk to a criminal lawyer ASAP. He/she will have a much better handle on what to do. Good luck. Don't wait!
What happens if I fail my last UA test for marijuana possibly alcohol?
Probation 12 months for DUI, first time offender. On 9th month of probation, paid in full, completed all classes, and community service. Never missed PO appt and good rapport with PO. Had my last UA today and may test positive for marijuana and alcohol. What is most likely to happen, will I be revoked for remaining 3 months? Was just moved to report every other month rather than monthly.
You have trouble coming. In all likelihood a Motion to Revoke your probation will be filed , an arrest warrant issued...
How do I get my firearm back?
After drinking one night a sober family member began driving me home. On the way we were stopped for reasons out of our understanding. The cops proceeding saying my driver was driving recklessly. I had a concealed weapon within my vehicle. After detaining the driver, the officers searched the vehicle and found the firearm. The driver was then given a weapons offense for the weapon being in the vehicle. What should be the next course of action
The driver needs an experienced criminal.defense attorney. He is looking at a class b reckless driving charge and a...
Multi state travel and probation for 1st DWI
Hi , I am currently facing probation for my first DWI in Travis county. First question, I live in Lubbock county, will the prob. be transferred/or have to be transferred to LBK? Is there a chance to report by mail in Travis? Second, I have a great career as Southwest US sales manager and travel occasionally to other states, sometimes fly out in the am and back that night and sometimes for up to a week. Can the judge show leniency to this in his orders. Also, any chance I will be required to get an interlock as a use a rental for all company travels. Thank you
You best address your questions to the attorney who represented you as the attorney is best suited to know how your...