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My boyfriend was stopped for speeding and had been drinking he was issued a speeding ticket, dwi and and aggravated dwi,
My boyfriend was doing 79 in a 55 and blew a .20 he was cited for speeding, dwi, and aggravated dwi. he was issued tickets to appear back in court. He has never been in any kind of trouble before or even had a speeding ticket in his life he is 27. Will he lose his license? and what is he looking at when he goes to court?
He will lose his license got a period of time. He will likely get a conditional/restricted license after 30 days. Jail...
What should I expect if I got a DWI and driving w/.08 of 1% or more of alc. I also got two traffic tickets.
I got pulled over because of I failed to dim my headlights and then the other was moved from lane unsafely. this is my first time getting in trouble I was in the navy before this and am in school right now.
Some counties do not offer pleas on DUI cases so it depends on what county your were arested in. I suggest you hire a...
What is the likelihood of a NY DWAI charge being plea bargained down to a non-alcohol offense? The BAC reading was .06. Thanks
And what is the range of fees I would expect to pay an attorney to do this. First offense.
Your chances are very good. You are only charged with a violation and it is barely a violation. A .05 BAC would be...
Can i get this DWI charge dismissed
I wasnt in the car at the time and the cops did not see me driving. My car was running and i had a passanger. I was on my way into the gas station and they stoped me.
If the prosecution can prove that you had been driving, whether by circumstantial evidence or through witnesses other...
My brother was involved in a serious accident. Charges are pending, including possible DUI #4 he couldn't take the breathalyzer
test due to internal bleeding and injuries. Blood was taken in the hospital hours later. I am not sure if he was drinking because he talked with the police and indicated the car would not stop. My brother received tickets for the following: Driving with a suspended license Speeding- Failing to stop at a stop sign- The car went over 10 feet in the air, landing on construction equipment. Additional charges on citation s022672TWS, S022672V6P, S022672V7W No arrests made at this time only waiting for pending charges. I'm not sure if these are only traffic infractions are more serious.
I hope your brother is ok. He (or someone on his behalf) needs to speak with an experienced DWI attorney immediately....
What happens on the 4th dwi in 10 years? Person is also on felony probation as a result of the previous offense.
Three previous convicted Dwi charges. Charged with a felony on the last instance which was about 3 years ago. Served 8 months to a year in jail and released on "felony" probation for 5 years. He was now just charged with a Dwi (which is his 4th), and unauthorized use of a vehicle (another felony). He does have a drinking problem and I was wondering if requesting drug court (rehab program with house arrest) would be in his best interest? He has a job, lives with his girlfriend and 1.5 year old daughter, Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
This is a VERY serious matter and you need to contact an experienced DWI defense attorney immediately. No only would a...
Can I get my pistol permit in Dutchess County NY if I was disposed with a NY PL 120.00 in 2007 and a misdemeanor DWI in 2013?
In late 2007 I was charged with NY PL 120.07 for being stupid and defending some old "friends". It was my first ever run in with the law. It was disposed to NY PL 120.00 and it is a YO status. In March of 2013 I was charged and convicted with a misdemeanor DWI. Since then I have not been in any trouble ever since and these are the only 2 times I have ever been in trouble. What will it take to acquire my pistol permit in Dutchess County NY with these charges?
I suggest that you speak with the licensing authority.