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DUI question in Massachusetts
If one was accused of A DUI and later dismissed by a judge then two years later the same person once again receives a DUI does the judge or court take in account the dismissed DUI when addressing the current DUI ?
Assuming that you mean that the previous DUI was straight out dismissed, and not dismissed after you completed...
If I move to another state will the dui show on my driving record and insurance, therefore preventing me from driving for work?
So I was found guilty of oui in massachusetts. The issue is my career requires me to drive a company vehicle. No one in Mass. will hire me with this on my record until it clears after 3 years. My question is I hear Mass. does not share this info with other states? So if I move to another state will the dui show on my driving record and insurance, therefore preventing me from driving a company vehicle in another state?
I think you are misinformed. You state is one of a few that does not participate in the Drivers License Compact (DLC)...
Whats the chances of being picked up on a routine stop first offence DUI ? Chances of extradition or being held with out bail ?
Massachusetts Resident gets a 3rd degree DUI in Minnesota gross misdemeanor charge lived their finished all probation requirement except for class individual left the state got a probation violation summons resulted in a warrant after person moved from the state back to MA home. no major criminal record other then disorderly conduct case was dismissed how do i resolve the issue and
Most states will not extradite on misdemeanors, but what you need to do is seek the advice of an attorney in Minnesota.
Will a 10 year old DUI show on car insurance application in MA?
I received a DUI in NJ in March of 2005.(loss of license foe 2 years) I moved to a city and have not needed to drive. It has been over 10 years since the conviction and I just reinstated my license in NJ, I also have an interlock installed. My husband lives in MA and I will be moving there shortly. When I apply for car insurance in MA will the DUI show up and be counted against me in my rate? I will also be going through the procedure to receive a MA license once I am a resident.
I am almost certain that your record will count when it comes to underwriting your insurance, but you can contact any...
Can I file a motion to terminate my DUI probation on my own? OR do I need a representative?
I want to file a motion with the court to terminate my probation, my lawyer who did not win the case is asking for more money which I cannot afford, can I file such motion myself?
Terminating your probation early? Once the "end date" is reached the probation terminates by operation of the terms of...
Lost my license (DUI-first offense) in Utah. How do I get it reinstated in my current state of residence (MA)?
Hi, I lost my license due to a first time misdemeanor DUI in Utah 10 months ago. At the time, I agreed to a sobriety test and breath-a-lyzer, but asked for a warrant before agreeing to a drug test. As a result, I automatically lost my license for 18 months. In MA, the mandatory punishment for this would be a suspension of 180 days not 18 months. So, is there any way to get a new license in MA now? I really only want a hardship license for my job. If not, at the end of the 18 months, do I have to go to Utah to have my license reinstated before applying for one in MA? The MA RMV seems to imply so, but to Utah would require me to apply for a new license and, therefore, prove residence. Please advise.
Because your license was suspended in Utah as a result of a DUI which occurred in Utah, the 180 day suspension which...
Can my attorney ask a speculative question in my DUI case to the officer, for example -
"Is it possible that the defendant could of consumed alcohol after the car stopped and before you arrived at the defendants broken down car before you arrived"? If not is there another way to ask this. My attorney is not very experienced. Thanks.
First and foremost, if your attorney is not very experienced i recommend you seek alternative counsel before proceeding...