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What happens in court when you have a DUI
Got a DUI and will be in court Feb 2 in boston/brighton district. Do I require an attorney or can I represent myself in order to save money?
As you may of heard "only a fool has himself for a client." Having said that, sure, you can represent yourself. However,...
How do I reinstate NH driver license after DUI with MA residency?
I was convicted of a DUI in NH as a NH resident with a NH drivers license. Since then I have moved to MA and plan on remaining here for the time being. I am having an incredibly difficult time finding an insurance company that will provide me with coverage and file the SR 22 with the DMV in NH as a MA resident. I contacted the MA RMV to see if they can just get me a new license and file an SR 22 with MA but they said I need to first re-instate in NH before converting anything to MA. I have tried nearly all insurance agencies and companies. Am I missing something? Any suggestions?
This question was previously asked and answered today. Please inquire under NH law question. Good luck!
Can I sue a college for revoking my acceptance based on a false positive drug test?
I was accepted into an online college that required a drug test. I ate a poppy seed bagel the day of the drug test which tested positive for morphine at 349 ng/mL. The school revoked my acceptance despite the policy of the hospital they are associated with that states they go by the federal limit of 2,000 ng/mL for opiates. I am upset that I spent over $650 on things like books, fees and a plane ticket to attend the first day of class. Also, this college is closely linked with my current profession and I am worried that word will get out that my acceptance was revoked due to a positive drug test. This is my reputation on the line in the small profession field that I work in. Moreover, I was given the run around for about a month on whether or not my I would be permitted to enter and it has been a very stressful and trying time.
If the acceptance is contingent on a drug test and the drug test (whether false or not) showed positive for drugs then...
Interlock removed early after zero violations for a year plus?
I am ordered to have the interlock device in my car for 2 years, once my suspension is over. A friend of mine has heard that if someone has no violations for a year plus in Massachusetts the hearing officer at the RMV may qualify for early removal. Is this true?
I have not heard about this. The statute ["Melanie's Law"] requires a full two years after all other OUI suspensions...
Can my DWI conviction from NH, now reduced to a violation in NH, be taken off my MA record?
I was convicted of DWI in NH and moved to MA a month or so later. When I was eligible to get my license in MA, the RMV officer stated they would have to put the DWI on my MA record. A year after my NH conviction, a petition to move my misdemeanor to a violation was granted in NH. MA record still shows as a misdemeanor. Since NH granted my petition, would MA be able to alter my record accordingly? Thank you in advance.
I think you are confusing your driving record with your criminal record which are two distinctly different records. In...
I have a unique situation where I was charged with drunk driving in CT and driving under influence of drugs in MA. What to do?
I was charged in CT for a DUI and refused a breathalyzer. That case should be dismissed at a later date. A few months later before I was offered the dismisal in CT I was charged in Mass. with operating under the influence of narcotics. Which from the looks is a hard case for the state to prove since they took no blood and a motion to suppress statements will really put a dent in there OUI charge. If they don't move forward with the OUI charge and charge me with possession will the OUI charge be another dismissal? So say both cases are dismissed or the CT case is dismissed and the Mass. charge is dropped or what ever they would call it if they don't decide to charge me and just charge me for possession of a controlled substance. What would I need to bring to the RMV from the CT court and the Mass. court to reinstate my licenses. So, In CT I would have had the case dismissed but still refused the breath test and in Mass. the case would also be dismissed or thrown out.
I do not practice criminal law, but the fact of facing multiple charges and in multiple jurisdictions is hardly unique....
I need legal advice on information that came up during a polygraph test mandated by Federal Probation.
I am a sex offender on Federal Probation. I recently took a polygraph test and failed. I shared this with my therapy group without going into what I had done. They advised me to get legal advice.
Your group was correct. You need to speak to a lawyer about this. Please do not share any further details to anyone...