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If i got a D.U.I. in pa. And moved to Colorado can and will pa. Extradite me and can i get a drivers license in Colorado
I got a D.U.I. in Pa. Will they send me back if not can i get a Colorado drivers license
You need to ask this question of a PA and CO attorney.
Does the MVA get notified of an dismissed dui?
Was arrested for a dui that I was not found guilty of. Eventually requested for expungement. I am wondering if the charge is present on my MVA record?
No. Since you were acquitted, it will not appear on your record. Only convictions appear on your record.
DWI sentence- Too harsh for a first offense?
I received a sentence of 60 days in jail all susp., 2 years probation and MADD impact class for a first offense of DWI abd negligent driving. Is this within the guidelines? My attorney wants to appeal in Circuit Court for a PBJ. I would've been better off with a PBJ initially as I told my attorney. I was not satisfied with him at all. How can I reject this sentence?
Your attorney has given you good advice. You have 30 days to appeal. In the Circuit Court, the judge may be willing...
First time getting a DUI/DWI Ticket . Paperwork Isn't filled out correctly by Officer.
I was pulled over for some unknown reason because I wasn't speeding or swerving. I say I wasn't speeding because the traffic ticket doesn't say how fast (or slow) I was at the posted limit. I was offered a breathalyzer and since I've never had one, I asked what it was exactly. The officer tried to explain it several times but kept saying I could refuse it. I refused it and was detained until I got several tickets. At the police station, I was never offered another chance for a breathalyzer. I didn't realize this until I got home and read the paperwork that said they were supposed to offer me one at the jail. They never did. Are these issues technicalities in my favor for a dismissal?
You should contact a local defense attorney to discuss your case with as soon as possible. Do NOT post any further...
I was charged w/ two DUI in different states, would my 2nd be considered a second offense?
My first DUI was in MD 2 yrs ago and I wasn't convicted. I recently got a DWI in VA but on the paper it says DWI:1st offense. Because it occurred in different states I am unsure it it would they be able to refer to my first DUI.
If you were acquitted of the first offense, then it would not count. If you received probation before judgment, then...
First DUI charge but they have me down for reckless driving and negligent driving among other charges. will pleading guilty help
I was told if I plead guilty to the DUI they would drop the negligent and reckless as well as the charge for driving down a one way street and violating a license restriction, leaving me only with the DUI to be punitive.
Is that better than guilty on all the charges? Of course. But not guilty on the DUI is better yet. Often people...
Will I be able to get a restricted drivers license in Maryland?
I was charged with a second DUI in Florida in August of 2009. I wasn't convicted until April 2011. I have taken all classes, counseling, probation, and have done everything required by the state of Florida following my conviction. I was even granted permission by a Florida DMV judge to enter into Florida's Special Supervision Services program in order to obtain a restricted drivers license for the remainder of my 5 year revocation period. Before I was able to enter the program I found out that I was moving to MD. When I asked them what I could do to be able to drive in MD I was told that I would have to fly to Florida at least once per month to remain in the program. That isn't possible for me. Is there any other way to obtain a restricted license here in MD?
I am not familiar with the Florida program, but generally, Maryland will not grant you any privilege to drive...