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Will I get violated my first time failing drug test?
I've been on probation 3 years for selling painkillers for a friend dieing with cancer.. I've haven't been in any trouble since being put on probation nor have I failed a drug test...But Friday I had a drug test and failed.. I had them send to lab cause I have not touched that stuff.. I went to my "friends" house and told them what happened and they admitted to me that they made our coffee with a dirty filter...But i now that first matter
This probably will violate you. You need to contact the attorney who represented you or any attorney in your area to...
How long will it take for my probation officer to get results of my failed urine test that I took Friday back from lab
I'm on 3 years felony probation for selling painkillers.. I've haven't been in any trouble or failed any drug test in the 3 years...I made a mistake and people I thought were my friends screwd me bad Thursday night by making coffee with a dirty filter and didn't say anything til I confronted them Friday night but of course that makes no difference
The specific answer will come from your p.o. none of us lawyers work there nor have your case. why did you think a...
Arrested for ridiculous false report allegation, class D felony
I was arrested on creating a false report for calling in a possible dui. 1 week later the police arrested me threatening to call DHS to pick up my child if someone did not come get her since I had to leave with the police. I have a clean record, no speeding tickets or anything and I am 29 years old. My bond was set at $7500, so I had to pay $800 to get out of jail plus a $1500 retainer fee for my attorney. This was only filed on me out of spite from my ex in laws and the officer that supposedly checked out the possible dui was the man's best friend. Everything was dismissed in court and charges were nolle, is there anything I can do to get my money back. I called in a possible dui and wanted it checked out because I knew he would have my child that night and was clearly concerned.
I would first contact the attorney who represented you as s/he is the person who is most familiar with your case.
D.u.i. In tn with Michigan license?
About 9 yrs ago I got a d.u.i. In tn while visiting. I served a weekend in jail and was fined and put on probation. But I left the state before doing all I was ordered.i had no choice as I had no place to stay.
I am not sure what your question is, but I am changing the category to DUI so that attorneys who practice in that area...
Will getting a dui that I have not been convicted of cause any problems with me get my child back?
My chil went to live with my sister n law and brother in law but I got charged with dui but the blood alcohol test won’t be back for 6 months, will that effect me in any way getting my daughter back?
It could. It depends on what reasons the court had for giving custody to your in laws and what other good things you...
How can I find out my BAC in a recent dui charge?
The officer said I failed a field sobriety test and arrested me. They took my blood at the jail and then I bonded out.
If this just recently happened you won’t get the blood results for awhile. If you haven’t already hire a local attorney...
I failed my first drug screen for probation and my drug class is today will they drug test me in my evaluation?
I failed my drug test for meth pot and coke I have 3 years paper
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