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3 months left on parole got charged with dui will a warrnat be issued
On parloe for durgs charges
That is up to your agent and the Commission. Maintain contact with your agent and ask him or her.
How worried should I be about my first possession charge?
I have a court date coming up, and my charge is possesion of marijuana over 10 grams. Max of a year in jail or a 1,000 dollar fine. Now the reason the cop pulled me over in the first place was for my light being out, but when we went too look at the light together it was working just fine. Also he omitted some things out of his report. How worried should I be? Will I be drug tested the day of court? My first offense ever with anything.
So should be worried enough to run not walk in hiring a local Criminal Defense Attorney and stop confessing on this...
What is the mandatory sentencing in the State of Maryland for your 4th D.U.I?
I'm currently enrolled in the Interlock Program. I committed my 4th D.U.I while in the program by driving someone else's vehicle.
It is complicated, but if you received your third in the last five years, you face a 10 day minimum sentence. It...
How much trouble can a dui with minors get you in?
A friend, who already has a pending assault case, credit card theft case, and an open custody case, was arrested last night for DUI. She also had 2 minors in the car, both under 2 years old, and one wasn't even in a car seat. She was also driving on suspended tags and charged with reckless driving. This was not her first DUI either. Realistically how much trouble could she possibly be in?
With all of her issues, much more than can be properly addressed on this forum. She needs an attorney for all of her...
Why does my lawyer want me to change my license over to MD from WV when I got a DUI in MD?
I got a DUI, blew higher than .15 in MD but live in WV one lawyer is advising me to switch my license to MD because they wont put interlock system (blow and go) in my car since im a WV license holder, is this correct?
Ask your lawyer. He'll give you the reasoning for the advice. We'd only be speculating.
How do I get a license in Md if my WV license is revoked??
I got 3 dui's in WV in 2010 and 2011. I took the defensive driving class in 2015, but never got my license back. Can I get one in MD now?
Unfortunately, Maryland will not issue a license unless/until WV lifts its revocation, or any suspension from any other...
I was illegally pulled over, what can I do?
I was driving my friends car with her sitting passenger. The police were next to me and they suddenly pulled me over. When the officer came up to the window he asked for my documents. I gave them to him and asked him why he pulled me over. He stated that the back tag light was out. After running my license I find out my privilege was suspended due to an FTA for a speeding citation for $160. He then asked me to step out the car and asked me if he could "open the box" on the back seat, which happened to be a Air Pellet Rifle. The box had never been opened before. The passenger and owner of the car has a gun charge on her record from years ago. The police were aware of this because they mentioned it. The officer started searching the vehicle. He never opened the rifle box. Nothing illegal was in or found in the vehicle. He issued me citations for driving on a suspended license, failure to display required license, and also one for having the tag light out. He reminded me that was the reason for pulling me over. When they left I checked the tag light and it was NOT broken. He lied. I took a picture of the working tag light. What can I do? All events occurred in Montgomery County, MD.
You should retain an attorney to represent you in connection with the charges. Your attorney can raise the issue that...