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  • Hurley rated eighth safest NM city

    Friday Nov 4 | via The Grant County Beat 

    Protect America, a national home security company, in its annual program, which lists the Top 10 Burglary Safe Zones in each state, has ranked Hurley as eighth in New Mexico. Zane Scharwzlose, community liaison for the company, said that each year the FBI releases their Uniform Crime Report detailing the number of crimes in each municipality in the U.S. The 2016 report was released Sept.


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What is a viol-lock 4days mean,
I went to take my retest and the device came unplugged after I blew and now it says viol-lock4days. Why?!?
This is a repeat question. See previous answers.
What is a viol-lock 4days mean,
I went to take my retest and the device came unplugged after I blew and now it says viol-lock4days. Why?!?
I would contact the company you're using to ask this question, but I would assume it means a violation lock that is...
How can they get away with bringing up old dwi's to extort me out of more money just because of a new law, 7 years later?
My first and ONLY dwi of 35 years of clean driving record, paid and complied with every demand, full compliance to the letter of law. Over 7 years later, a new law in affect, they pull up an old dui, refuse my license and extorting more money from me. Holding my license hostage till I pay up AGAIN!!! Somebody has got to do something about these people and thier stupid laws! I live in a very small rural town in the middle of no where, not much traffic, trying to comply and abide by the rules. look at HUMAN circumstances! Ignition Interlocks, PLEASE! anyone can blow in them to start a vehicle, call it what it is, A SCAM and EXTORTION, I even tried to comply with that, My vehicle is a motorcycle and I am refused ignition lock. Just how far are they allowed to go with my rights, freedom!
Because driving is a prilege, one which you abused, and not a right, they can get away with a lot.
I am on pre trial and I am randomly tested. I have been clean however I had a slip up will I go back to jail
I had a slip up once two days ago and have not used since. I have random ua. I have been trying to do good since IV been out and I know I one messed up my chance what can I do
Best to consult with your attorney with regard to your options.
How do I reinstate my DL if I didn't request a hearing through MVD at the time of suspension and my DWI case was dismissed?
I didn't request a hearing at the original time of suspension back in March because I wanted to see what I needed to do once I went to trial and found out what the consequences the court required were. After almost 8 months my case was dismissed in the court due to procedural mishandling of material evidence from the DA's office and the local police department. The legal limit for suspension of my DL has now expired and I was never convicted of DWI. I was never advised by the Public Defender's office to request a hearing with MVD during any part of this. What are the next steps I should take?
This is the downside of having a public defender. Because you were not properly informed about the MVD process at the...
I'm in New Mexico. My cousin's grandson had a DWI. What are the DWI laws regarding insurance. Is it like a SR-22?
He pled no contest. He had an attorney. He had an interlock device put in his car for 1 year. Should he have disclosed to his current insurance? Did he need to get a different type of insurance?
He can certainly call his agent to discuss options
I was asked to voluntarily take a drug test by cps,at the time and now I'm not afraid to take it. Should I?
This happened because my wife was reported to God for looking drugged up,when cps came to my house,they did their interview with my wife. They asked her for a drug test,but before she could take it,she was arrested and placed in jail. Cps of course dug into why she was arrested and found out she tested positive for meth. She got arrested and tested by her probation officer. So they called me and asked me if i would volunteer for a drug test,I asked them why should I have to take one of the complaint wasn't made against me. They also want to drug test my two daughter's,which I told them I would have to sit down and discuss it with them. My daughter's refused,and I'm waiting on a call to set up a drug test. But after talking to a few friends and attorney,they all said I didn't have to take the test. I have nothing to hide,but I am on pain meds due to a back injury,I don't want or need them to pull some sneaky stuff and take my daughter's away,because I know they are like vultures circling and waiting for the carcass. Should I tell them to go f themselves or take the test? My girls are both honor roll students and have perfect attendance,great hygeine,and well liked at school.
Looks like you have your answer take it or not if they remove the children have that attorney defend you in Court.