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Is there anything I can do
There are minimum mandatory revocation periods applicable to DUI convictions that override the judges recommended...
Offers you in a dui
In most jurisdictions, DMV and court are completely separate when it comes to DUIs because there are different bodies...
I went to get an address change on my FL drivers license 2 days ago and it came up in their computer that my license is suspended in Georgia. I called the drivers bureau in Ga and they said I have to complete a 12 hr DUI class in Florida ( where I live) and fax the completion to them and pay a $200 fine. I called the local DUI school and they said I can't register unless its court appointed. It doesn't seem right that I should have to go to school again for a violation from 19 years ago when I completed the school back then. How am I supposed to get it court appointed also?
It may not seem right, but it's the law and the correct procedure. Unless you want to go to the State of Georgia to...
Will I be required to install IID by the DMV for my first dui with refusal to blow when applying for a hardship license? Thank you
You should contact a local DUI lawyer. Many dui lawyers offer a free consultation; however, even if you pay for a...
Dui with personal injury. I completed all of my sentence. Went to court in Aug for restitution hearing, nothing was settled. My lawyer says its up to the state to set the amount. My PO says I will not be let off, until restitution is paid. Numerous e-mails and calls to state attorney by both, lawyer and PO have had no results .Also my insurance co. has tried to contact the other party to settle and he does not respond. Can they really arrest me for VOP when I am waiting on the state??
If the court reserved jurisdiction to address the issue of restitution (as opposed to ordering you to pay a specific...
I have had 2 prior dui"s over 13 yrs ago. I did 6 months in federal prison for the recent dui because it was on a base. Never convicted of a violent crime
Felons cannot own guns. Period.
He was stopped for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and was charged with possession of less than 2 gms of mj..this same officer had pulled him over 3 years earlier for a dui and that very day he had finsihed his probation. He was charged with VOP and had his lisecense suspended by the judge for 2 years even though he was not under the influence at all. That was 14 months ago. He has taken the DUI course and the more extensive out patient course. Under Fl law you can get full reinstatement afer 6 months if you pay all your fines (he has), and takent the 2 courses. When he went to DMV to get his liscense reinstated they said no one ever uses the take the outpatient option course..most wait the 2 years out. Since DMV seems unfamiliar with the 2nd option, what can he do?
He needed private counsel then, and he needs private counsel now. A letter from a local criminal defense attorney might...