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My boyfriend and I just got rear ended while my car was parked by a drunk driver who fled the scene. What do I do next?
We were parked and the woman that hit us was drunk and fled the scene but the police caught her and she is currently in jail. I am pressing charges and need a good personal injury lawyer. The police and paramedics were called and at the time, I didn't feel any pain except for my tooth that was knocked loose. But I am now experiencing a lot of soreness, neck pain and a horrible headache. My boyfriend is also experiencing pain behind his head and neck. We are going to our doctors tomorrow as well as the dentist to get my tooth fixed. Any recommendations on what I should do next?
Yes,look under the Find a Lawyer tab here on AVVO and you will find a personal injury attorney. Also you need to call...
My kid is going to school in arizona and got a under age drinking ticket it was only .02 what will be the fine if any
My kid was not driving he was just at a party with friends the driver was sober the cops went into the party and starting checking the kids
Did this happen in AZ or in CA? Make a huge difference. In CA, his driver's license could be suspended, so the fine...
Will this appear on my FBI criminal background check?
I was pulled over and taken to the police station on suspicion of drunk driving about 10 years ago. I do not remember being "booked". The breathalizer machine was malfunctioning and I was ultimately let go for having been cooperative. Is this considered an arrest? Will it reflect in my FBI background check? Thank you.
No way to tell with out investigating. You should call the jail where you were detained and see whether you were...
I got a pulled over for a DUI while on formal probation for a wet reckless. What will I be facing?
If there is jail time is it true that only about 10% time is served? Is it possible to get alternatives? I don't mind the license suspension or the classes I am just worried about jail. Thanks in advance.
You will be facing a 2nd offenses DUI charge and likely a probation violation. You should consult with a DUI attorney...
I will be fingerprinted via Livescan tomorrow for a new job, I was arrested for a DUI in March, will it show up in my record?
My court date is not till June 19th 2012 and my finderprints will be taken tomorrow via Livescan. Will my arrest in March show up? Should I go ahead and email my new employer and inform them that I was arrested for DUI in March? They have not asked me on any paperwork yet as to whether I have any convictions...and technically I haven't been convicted.
The Live Scan will probably will show that you were arrested for the DUI. As far as reporting it to your employer, that'...
I was rear ended in a traffic accident on the freeway while I was at a complete stop, but I was arrested for DUI. Am I at fault?
I was rear ended while i was at a complete stop, I was in the area where the freeway splits in two directions(the middle area that isn't a lane) with my blinker on waiting for traffic to clear so i could merge onto my desired lane. I spoke with the tow truck driver the next day and she is claiming that i was sticking out. I was told that my move was legal, but as i mentioned in the question. I was the one arrested for a DUI. This happened one month ago, the other driver still had not left a statement with their insurance company 3 weeks after the accident. Today i received a phone call where I was told that the other driver has aqcuired legal representation and my insurance company can only speak to her lawyer, and the police report as of today has not been released.
The tow truck driver is hardly the person who will determine how this case will play out. If you're ultimate question...
Will DUI affect my citizenship?
I have lived in US for 22 years. I want to apply for the US citizenship. However, 15 years ago, I caused traffic accident and there was no injury; besides, there was a small amount of drug found in my car. I joined the program for the first offender. In my case, will DUI affect my citizenship application?
Assuming you were only convicted of a DUI and no other charges relating to drugs, a DUI from 15yrs ago should not...