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I got a dwi in indiana on a Illinois license. I live in indiana now, can what do i have to do to get my car registered?
How would i go about getting my license reinstated?
Call dmv, hire traffic ticket Attorney.
How do I reinstate my Illinois license if I live in Indiana?
I got a OWI in Indiana, they suspended my license for 3 months but I got a letter from security of state Illinois saying that it's revoked.
You have to go through the process of reinstatement through the Illinois Secretary of State. Only once that is done...
What should i expect after i was in an accident with my child in the car while i was intoxicated, but not arrested at the scene?
I was involved in a single car accident with no damage to vehicle or property. I was intoxicated and had my four year old son in the car. I was not given a breathalyzer at the scene, but was taken to hospital in ambulance. My son nor myself was not treated for injury. Blood was drawn and the hospital with a "very high" BAC, i do not know specific. I was released from the hospital later that night under care of my family member. I have had no contact from the police regarding the matter as of now. Hospital social worker said i would be contacted by the child protection services. What should i expect to happen next?
It is possible that the information was given to a prosecutor to review and determine what, if any, charges to file....
What can happen if I don't sign the plea?
I have court tomorrow morning to sign a plea bargain for repetitive DUI charges. I currently have a lawyer but am considering using different representation. If I go to court tomorrow, terminate my current lawyer and refuse to sign the offered plea agreement, can they send me to jail right then and there or will they give a trial date?
The only person qualified to answer this is your attorney. Ask he or she. This is a matter best considered under the...
What’s the worst case scenario for a driving while intoxicated accident with a minor in the car
I had a single car accident with a child in the car. I was taken to the hospital and released without arrest. The doctor only said my blood alcohol was very high. A social worker talked to my husband and said they would be in touch. I have a previous DUI in another state. I know I need serious help and plan on rehab, but what consequences could I face both criminally and with CPS. Why haven’t I heard from anyone. How do I find a lawyer to take care of both aspects?
The "worst case scenario" for a second DUI involving an accident with a minor child in the car is that you can go to...
Can my renewal of my cosmetology license be denied if I have had a dui and still on probation ?
I need to renew my license so I'm not going to pay for a renewal if I'm going to get denied
You should research the qualifications for the license and see if a recent DUI is cause to deny you the license. You...
I received a DUI in Tennessee can I continue to drive legally in Indiana as long as I have a valid Indiana drivers license?
I am hoping that Indiana will not suspend my license after Tennessee suspends my license for my DUI I currently have a Indiana driver's license now.. I do not know how that works.. will Indiana suspend my license also?
If you license is valid in the state you're driving in, you're legal to drive in that state.