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When can I stop disclosing my DWI conviction on employment applications?
Date of incident: 12/24/2009; Plead guilty to charge in 04/2010. Place of incident: Watertown, New York.
I'd disclose it so long as it is within the relevant time frame - i.e,, if employers ask about convictions within the...
I have a out for arresst warrant in mecklenburg county NC, due to not completeing community service will i go to jail?
I lost my job after I got the dui and my car and after that my father died within the same month I lost my niece. I dont want to go to jail for a long period of time and i dont have a job for a lawyer but i want to fix the situation
When a warrant is issued for a person's arrest, they will be arrested and taken to jail if found by law enforcement (LE)...
I was charged with a refusal in Ohio while moving from California to North Carolina. My CA license will expire. What do I do?
I currently have a California license that will expire on my birthday in December however I recently moved out-of-state and won't be needing a California license anymore. I got pulled over in Ohio and refused a breathalyzer and was arrested. I'll be going to trial in Ohio to fight the charge of an OVI in 2018 but my California license is going to expire and I am not able to get a new license in my new home town of North Carolina. My question is, do I need to pay to 'reinstate' my license in Ohio even though I didn't have an Ohio license when arrested? Or do I need to wait for the Ohio charges to be sorted before applying for a North Carolina license?
If NC issues you a license while you’re currently suspended for willfully refusing in OH, once that’s discovered NC...
If you have a pending DUI will it come up on a criminal background check?
I have only had a preliminary court date and have not had my second court date yet in this process. I am applying for a new position and wanted to know if this is going to come up on a criminal background check.
It depends on what type of background check they do, but yes it could show up.
What punishments am i looking at with my second dui at a level 3?
I got my first dui in 2014, it was considered level 4. This second dui is considered a level 3. I blew a .15 the first time and .14 my second time. I rear ended a car this time but wasn't speeding, there was no damage to either car and nobody was injured.
If you were convicted in 2014 (or after) of a DWI, you are going to be at least a level 2. The potential punishment is...
What range of sentence does a conviction of "Felony serious injury by motor vehicle" (Class F) carry in NC?
Looking to find out the range of sentences that could be imposed on someone convicted of "Felony Serious Injury by Motor Vehicle" in a DWI case in NC? Is jail time mandatory or does judge have ability to lessen the sentence? How long is mandatory license suspension? I am asking as a victim's family member, not a defendant. Thank you!
There are two types of NC DWI offenses that are classified as an even more serious felony. Those include (1) felony...
Got a first offense DWI in Raleigh NC in May 2015 can i get it expunged off my record my Spring 2019?
I am a college student graduating next year, will jobs even consider me?
If you were acquitted at trial or if the charge was dismissed, you may apply the have the charge expunged. If you plead...