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Why can one state say that my license taken away is the equivalent of a dwi.. the charges were dropped ?
Gross misdemeanor. Went to one attorney that I liked and he is asking 2500. Went to another attorney and he said it's not worth pursuing. Went to a third attorney and he says that I could be struggling for years with expensive car insurance. I turned myself in and was at .10.
Your post does not contain a lot of information, however, when you are stopped for DWI in ND two things happen. There...
Is there any thing I can do?
I was visiting fargo nd and living out of my car for a few weeks, one evening I was watching Netflix in the Wal-Mart parking lot and i had a few beers Someone must of reported me because a fargo pd pulled up and was knocking on my window they claimed my car fit a disruption of one that was in an accident, I told them it wasn't me and pointed out there was obviously no damage to my car, they didn't give me a breath test just asked me to walk a line and stand on one foot I didn't do so well so they brought me in and booked me,I'm a minnesota resident and have had 2 priors in minnesota,I was scheduled to go to municipal court but it was dismissed and sent to district court,I'm still waiting to hear back from them that was almost a month ago. Not sure what to do.
Did you give them an address somewhere to contact you?
Can I become a notary in ND if I got a DUI in 2013?
It was my first offense
You would need to review the rules for application for becoming a notary public. Good luck!
How is it possible for a drug user cri to tell the police I was selling drugs and he was still using drugs.
There calling it a controlled buy because of him wearing a wire tap but never caught me with any drugs
You should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney regarding your case because you may have a viable...
In North Dakota, how do people arrested for DUI typically go about contacting an attorney for testing advice?
What phone books are provided to them? are there specific books with just attorneys given to the driver? or is it a generic yellow pages/white pages?
You can start your search here on AVVO in the Find a Lawyer section. You can also use Google or contact the local bar...
How do I know if I will be charged with a DUI or not?
I was pulled over last night, but not arrested. I participated in the field sobriety tests and completed them without issue, but blew a .101. The officer said that he did not have enough to arrest me and let me get a cab home, and that is all of the information I have. I am not sure if just because they could not arrest me means that they will not be able to charge me. Is it possible for me to still receive a charge?
Yes. If the prosecutor brings a charge you would receive a summons and complaint at a later date. If you are charged...
Should I have lost my license?
I was arrested for a DUI. Before the charges were filed as a DUI in court it was dropped down to a reckless driving. Instead of it being filed with the court as a DUI it was filed as a reckless driving. At the administrative hearing for my license they decided to suspend it. Can they do that?
yes they can and did . best to ask your lawyer why and how? You did have a lawyer right?