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If i refuse to take a urine test after being arrested for a dui charge how will that affect my defense?
i passed both field sobriety test the officer requested that i take a urine test witch i refused . also the officer never read me my rights after being arrested .
Refusal to submit to a chemical test can legally be considered "consciousness of guilt," meaning the State can argue...
My husband got pulled over and blew a .082 they gave him a dwi but he cooperated and past every test except the breath test.
He forgot to call the DMV about his license. So what will happen to him in court this is first offense .
Arkansas has a statute that provides that anyone arrested for DWI must be tried (or plead to) DWI and that the charges...
Can i take the dui classes required in Arkansas on line, since I can't legally drive?
I have had two dwi, the last one was 4 years and 11 months after the first, The first one I deserved, but the second one I did not, I was taking medication, several actually. The prescription all said one the bottles "Use care when driving a motor vehicle." and I was. I had just bought a new Dodge and realized the truck was too big for me, I was on my way home and I live way out in the country. There are no street lights, it was pouring down rain and when I turned to go down "walker's Cutoff" and my right wheel got too close to a culvert and I got my truck stuck in the mud. I was glad to see a policeman coming down the road because I needed help. I had my right shoulder operated on about three weeks before this happen ( rotor cup fixed). so I couldn't use the jack by myself. Well, to make a long story long he arrested me because he thought I was using drugs. They tested me and I did have drugs in my system, I have osteoarthritis and I do take a lot on narcotics to be able to walk and live a half way normal life. I told this officer that I had recently had the surgery on my shoulder but he twisted my arms and damaged my shoulder. Can I take the 2 classes on line? Thank you
You need to hire an attorney right away to fight this and perhaps sue to the police for injuring your recently repaired...
Husband has court date for possession of marijuana less that 4 grams, first offense what are we up against??
had accident while driving, Ambulance came and then showed officer a half of joint said they found it on ground near his truck, no blood test or urine test was giving at hospital. he was released but giving the ticket for possession. He is not a resident of Arkansas, first offense. what are we up against, by us not being a resident of that State. Happened in Drew County
Consult with a local lawyer in AR. Usually, there are deferral programs where if he stays clean and no new arrests...
Will I have to do county jail time or community service for 3 misd drug poss,2drug para with no previous drug charges?
I was convicted of felonies 22 years ago but theft related.I have in no trouble since with no drug charges until now.I was charged with 3 drug possession (marijuana,xanex)and 2 drug paraphernalia(marij pipes).I spent 26 hours in jail and pd $10,000 for a lawyer.Its going to trial soon I want second opinion will I have to go to jail or community service(probation,drug court I dont want either)?Can I just pay lots of fines?
We can't advise you when we know you have counsel. Call your lawyer and ask him.
Review Hearing following Defensive Driver Courses in Arkansas?
I attended a defensive driver course two months ago because I didn't stop for a school bus (I'm a foreign college student--German--, so I learned my lesson); the papers say AR 27-51-1004, Misdemeanor Unclassified. I plead guilty at the arraignment hearing. The judge said that if I take the class there would be nolle prosequi, and I checked my case online this afternoon and I have a review hearing on December 5. I'm assuming I need to attend the hearing? It's better to be safe than sorry, so I'll show up just in case I am on the list for the 1 p.m. docket. There are no priors in my driving and no criminal history, so I'm assuming that's why Judge was nice and gave me a slap on the wrist. If it's nolle prosequi and I took the course as instructed (and received no further tickets or problems), I'm curious as to why I need to go in front of the judge again. I called the clerk and even she wasn't sure why I need to go back to the judge... maybe to show them my DDC certificate or to make sure I understand my lesson? No fine was ordered and no jail sentence, so life is good. I leave for holidays on Dec. 13, so I'm glad the review hearing is before my flight to Frankfurt.
You need to go to the hearing. It sounds like what is happening is that your case will be nolle prossed at the review...
What do you have to do to get your license reinstated after a DUI with drugs?
My son received a DUI with drugs in 2016. He took the alcohol class as he was instructed to do and has his certificate. He was told now he has to participate in a MADD class. Is this correct? The driver control said its state law and I can't find it anywhere.
The MADD class is also mandatory. It's actually an administrative regulation. The State law just allows the DFA to...