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Can a drunken statement be an admission of guilt in a DUI situation? Is a DUI probable without anyone witnessing me drive ?
I was arrested for DUI but there were no witnesses that saw me drive nor did a police officer. I was parked in a parking lot and a security guard saw my vehicle slightly over the curb in a parking stall but didn't see me drive at all. My vehicle was off and my keys were not in the ignition nor was the vehicle running. He came to check on me and thought I was drunk and possibly drinking and driving so he called the cops. The cops asked me to take a field sobriety test and I refused but being on misdemeanor DUI probation I did consent to a breath test. The tests were 6 minutes apart, the first read .11 and the second read .10. I don't recall telling the officer that I was driving at all nor was I. I was drinking in my truck on private Property and intended on going upstairs to my office to sleep. In the officers statement for the DMV hearing he said that I "admitted to driving" but never specified as to when I said I was driving. I don't recall even giving that statement in reference to the time I was actually drinking as I was parked drinking. If I did say I drove it was in reference to earlier. Is this enough to establish I was driving while intoxicated? Probable cause for arrest?
The probable cause to arrest is sufficient based on a reasonable likelihood that you would drive. As to beating the...
Is it "likely" the Court will find out I have an informal probation in another County for DUI?
I have a court case for a complaint for trespassing. I have served nearly all my probation terms in Alameda for a 1st offender DUI I got in 2013 on a visit. I wanted to know what is the overall "likelihood" the DA will know about this going into court AND the system available to them in Court to search this info on the fly? By the way, Alameda has my last name spelled incorrectly and it is a unique name (i only say this for search query purposes if you know the system used). Should I get counsel here now or ask the judge to allow me time to come back with private counsel? I appreciate your insight on this!
Will the DA in Fresno know about your DUI from Alameda? Yes. Will Alameda know or care about your new case in Fresno?...
How much jail time is he facing?
my husband has 2 dui's first one he was pulling out of the driveway, never went to court. second one was taken to jail for driving on a suspended license and dui, and didnt go to court for that one either. so he gets pulled over again and they just impound the car and cite him and never showed up for court for that one. he now has a warrant. whats he looking at? let me add no accidents were involved in any of them and he was always cooperative.
He's looking at two DUIs and at least 2 Failure To Appear charges. Without some more information it is not possible to...
How can i help my bf with his dui ticket from another state
Ok i have a question my bf got a dui ticket 2004 in georgia.a week later he got diagnosed with turbercolosis and was in treatment for a year wich he couldnt go to court...then 2007 he got a ticket for no license but got cought by police giving false information due to beeing scare about missing his court date. He never went to his courts.and now he goes to church he is a Christian and whants to clean his record.we plan to get marry we have 2 toddlers and i want to fix his papers he was born in watemala and he now lives in can i help him is there hope. Is there something we should expect. He doesnt drink at all he change for the best and i dont let him drive because of his problems what can i do. We been together for 5 years and we have a family
You can look for a lawyer in GEORGIA to help your b/f deal with his case.
Can I drive myself to the courthouse?
I will be on a restricted license due to a dui when I will need to travel to a court in a different city to be in compliance with an order to appear on a civil matter. The litigation involves an LLC I am a member in. I am also employed full time by an unrelated entity.
I use Uber to get everywhere, so download the app
Is felony probation possible to be granted if I completed it two years ago for a different offense? 4th DUI, possible felony.
I was recently arrested a few weeks ago for my 4th DUI in 7 years. My BAC was .11%. I realize that this will most likely be charged as a felony with the current laws. I have not been to court yet and no charges have been filed yet. None of my other DUIs have ever included bodily injury or charged as a felony. However my second DUI I was charged with PC69 resisting arrest which I completed felony probation two years or so ago already. My 3rd DUI conviction was a VOP while on probation and i was convicted of it about 2.5 years ago. I was clean for about the last two years and relapsed , sure enough it here I am again. I attend 5 AA meetings a week currently, i am voluntarily going to start the SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet/house arrest, and i am considering a treatment program as well. This time around I can truly say I am done with this lifestyle and will do anything it takes to never go back. I have been gainfully employed for the last five years with the same employer and have a family to support. My question is, is it possible to get a second chance at probation if charged as a felony for this 4th DUI? Any recommendations so that the court would feel comfy with probation
Sorry to hear about this and it is good you are going to five AA's per week and thinking about SCRAM. I doubt you will...
How long will you serve on two dui's and a probation violation? She was taken in after shop;ifting.
I needed to provide more info. My friend is in jail on shoplifting and probation charge. They also tacked on her misdemeanor Dui. She has had two Dui's and they were both misdemeanors. She went to court and they have increased her bail on the Dui, and no bail on the probation. My questions is how long will she serve?
It depends on the facts and the judge. Your friend needs a lawyer.