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My husband is charged with accessory after the fact but he didn't know what the guys were goin to do he dropped them off a str
He dropped them off a street over where the crime was committed then drove off as he drove off the two guys ran to the car and put a gun in the back of his head and told him to drive
He needs to hire a criminal defense attorney asap or call the public defender's office.
Can I be extradited from CO to TN over unsupervised probation violation? Could I still get my D.L back after the suspension end?
1st DUI. All of my fines are paid and I've already served the required jail time. I was also required to do 48 hrs community service and a M.A.D.D class witch I will not be doing either of those thus why I would be violated. Would that stop me from getting my D.L after the one year suspension period??
I would be more concerned with how much jail time I would be sentenced to for not completing all the probation...
In tennessee can you become a bondsman, if have had a prior dui.
In Tennessee can you get a license to write bonds, if you have had a prior dui.
Talk to a TN attorney. Most do free consults. OR contact your state licensing agency.
If you have had a prior dui conviction, can you be a bondsman in tennessee.
I wanted to know if a conviction for dui, would prevent me from writing bonds in tennessee.
In Tennessee bondsman are required to get a license through the Dept of Commerce and insurance You must have a clean...
I've was arrested the 27th for a DUI while i was in SOS cafe shooting pool. The officer couldn't identify me the driver.
The officers came into S.O.S. cafe and asked who owned the vehicle i was driving, They did not come to me they walked around the bar and someone told me they where asking about my car so i came to them. Later the officer said he saw me pull into the parking lot yet he did not come to me He based his opinion that i was driving intoxicated because i placed a bottle out of my vehicle, The officer said i got out and placed it behind my back tire his cars footage while disprove that alone, he lied several times on my report.
DUI is a class A misdemeanor and a conviction for a 1st offense requires a minimum of 48 hours in jail. From what you...
What happens if i fail a drug test for my po in milan tn. And its state probation fail for opiates?
It will be my first test for him but i had my probation transfered.
What are you asking when you write: And its state probation fail for opiates? ? What does that mean? What happens when...
Is there a statute of limitations for a Tennessee county to file DUI conviction with the state?
Have friend who got his driver license reinstated May 2012, paid reinstatment fees, had iginition lock installed on car. As of this month November 2012 was suppose to get iginition lock off and get regular license. Gibson county Tennessee waited to file DUI conviction for 2009 with state this month November 2012. Friend severed 3 years in prison for this conviction. Need answer asap if there is statute for county to file DUI conviction, if there is how long does county have to file this
Are you talking about DMV suspension or criminal charges?