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Am I able to fight paying the reinstatement fee to MN for a DUI received in MN back in 2003 with a SD drivers license?
I've been a SD resident for 14 years now, renewing my license with no problem when need be, until now. Now I am unable to renew my SD license or tags because MN is asking me to pay them the reinstatement fee from my DUI 14 years ago. I was 18 at the time of the DUI and thought the reinstatement fee was something I only had to pay if I wanted to reinstate my MN license, which I didn't have and didn't ever plan on having. My life in on hold for something from 14 years ago? Can I fight this?
Sure, you can always fight it. But is it going to be worth your time, energy, and expense? Probably not. Presumably...
CCan i transfer my second dwi to anotherstate for court?
I recieved my second dwi. I am moving for work from sd to Co. I have no other charges besides 1st dwi. Im wanting to transfer crt is this possible.
You (allegedly) violated South Dakota law in their jurisdiction, so you must be prosecuted here. You can still move,...
Can I become a CNA in Sd With a DUI felony
I am in Sioux Falls. SD and belong to felony DUI court. I have a DUI felony but am involved in a very intense program. I really want to be a CNA
This really isn't a DUI or a criminal defense question, so I'm going to reclassify it for you. From a past incident...
Will my blood test show that I was not under the influence?
I was pulled over for a dui. I blew a .081 at the scene. About an hour later I had my blood drawn at the hospital. Then about 15 later at the station I was give another breath test and blew a .064. Will my blood test show that I was under the legal limit of .08 after an hour of the breath test if it was .064 15 minutes after the blood test?
Possibly, but remember that the law prohibits driving while having 0.08% or more by weight of alcohol in your blood,...
What legal grounds does a private college have when it comes to marijuana?
So my roommate got reported for having/smoking marijuana in our dorm room. She has to meet with people from the dean's office. Can a private college force a student to do drug test? What proof do they need to contact the police?
Your roommate would need to look at the agreement she signed when she agreed to live on campus housing. Colleges can...
Can I go to Mexico with a felony DUI on my record?
I plan on going to Cancun Mexico this Winter, I have a felony DUI on my record from 13 years ago. Will I have any problems getting into Mexico?
If you have a valid passport and there are no warrants on your record you should be fine, but check with the US Customs...
I was arrested for first defense DUI 5years ago, I didn't complete dui classes because I didn't realize they were mandatory.
I was recently arrested on a warrant bc of this negligence and recharged with first offense dui... Can they really start it from scratch again? Is there an easier way to deal with this?
If you were represented by an attorney I suggest you contact them to discuss this. If you did not have an attorney it...