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  • The Campus Carry Debate Isn't as Simple as Guns Vers...

    Wednesday Jul 27 | via AmmoLand 

    Since the earliest days of the nearly decade-long debate over allowing concealed carry on Texas college campuses, opponents of the idea have clung to the mistaken belief that the debate is about whether a campus with guns is more or less safe than a campus without guns. They apparently find it easier to wrap their heads around the simple dichotomy of 'guns versus no guns' than to grasp the nuance of a debate about whether criminals should be the only ones carrying guns on campus or whether vetted, licensed adults should be allowed the same measure of personal protection on campus that they're already allowed virtually everywhere else.


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  • Humble woman charged after video catches theft on ho...

    Friday Jul 22 | via 

    Carley Williams, 30, has been charged with misdemeanor theft after neighbors in the Humble area identified her as a theft suspect in a home surveillance video. Carley Williams, 30, has been charged with misdemeanor theft after neighbors in the Humble area identified her as a theft suspect in a home surveillance video.


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  • Black Lives Matter activist released from jail after...

    Monday Jul 11 | via The Japan Times 

    A prominent Black Lives Matter activist, three journalists and more than 120 other people were taken into custody in Louisiana over the weekend, authorities said Sunday, in connection with protests over the fatal shooting of an African-American man by two white police officers in Baton Rouge. Spokeswoman Casey Rayborn Hicks of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office said that nearly 100 people were taken to the parish jail over protests that began late Saturday.


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  • RCPD Report 7/05/16

    Tuesday Jul 5 | via KMAN-AM Manhattan 

    Kelly Tessendorf, 37, was arrested while at the Riley County Police Department on Friday according to the Tuesday RCPD Report. Tessendorf was arrested on the offenses of violation of the offender registration act .


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Humble Law

I was given a pretrial contract for a possession of marijuana. I was arrested on a DWI charge 5 months into the 1 yr contract.
I was released on a $10000, bond. My PR bond on the original charge has been revoked along with the contract. I am now going to be charged with the possession charge and the DWI. I am only 18. What is the best and worst scenario for me? I am scared. I just don't want to do jail time. I am working a full time job and about to start school. Thank you for your feed back.
You need to contact a criminal defense lawyer with experience with DWI's immediately (like, yesterday). Call a few...
Lab drug test urine showed + for meth on 9-28 . What will blood test show if done today ?
She takes Adderall 30mg x2 per day. prior test same lab neg in past 3 years how can she prove she dont & didn't take meth cause she was terminated. An anonymous caller said she drinks & smokes crack. Lab tech heard information before testing she feels him knowing that had something to do with test. Does it ? Breath test 0.00. How can she prove her innocence and get her job back. Will blood test work ? Or will it show positive also ?
You ask how she can prove her innocence, then ask if blood tests will be positive. If she does not have anything...
I was arrested for my first dui, failed the roadside test, said no to blood test. officer did not explain refusal or sign any pa
officer did not explain to me the consequences of blood test refusal for dui. Nor did he have me sign any papers saying i refused.
You have 15 days from your arrest date to contest this matter. You should contact a lawyer who specializes in DWI...
Can you purchase a firearm while on probation (1 year) for a class B misdemeanor dwi?
The conditions of my community supervision has restrictions such as don't drink, use drugs, or break laws. It does not say anything about purchasing or owning a gun. Is it Legal to buy a gun while on probation? Should I just wait until my probation discharge to purchase a gun?
It wouldn't in Virginia. However you need to ask an attorney in Texas. If you were represented by an attorney for the...
I am on probation for DWI 2 and want to terminate my probation. Will the judge sentence the max of 1 year that was probated?
I have been on probation for 7 months and just cant deal with my PO officer and all the money they are taking from me. I had one violation on my Smart start and know have ordered me to get a sober link device at $180 a month plus 80 for smart start on top of all the fines. I would rather just sit it out in jail. Can an attorney help negotiate a sentence or is solely up to the judge? My first DWI was in 1991 at 17 years old. No other criminal record.
A lawyer can help you negotiate, especially NOW before you get into any real violations. They are likely to offer you...
Is my court appointed attorney on my side ?
I got pulled over in a speed trap and got searched cop said he found some THC crumbs in my purse . and that the car smell like we been smoking . we weren't . i got no ticket just court date . i got a court appointed attorney cause mi unemployed and he is rude and very unethical he never asked for my side just assumed i was guilty and is ring to force me to take a plea that i don't want . and he lies to the judge about what we talk about and they seem to be on teams . what should i do i asked for another attorney and got refused .
Since your request for new appointed counsel was refused, you have only one option. Get assistance if need be from...
Can a person be recharged with a DWI if they committed perjury or withheld prior DWIs.
Can a person be recharged for a DWI that was dismissed if they intentionally withheld their DWI history to avoid a felony charge. In other words, if a person had a previous history in another state in which he/she was a two time DWI Offender, and withheld this information to avoid a 3rd time DWI Felony charge, did they commit perjury? The judge dismissed a case believing that the person was a first time offender. Now they attaining new information about the person DWI History.
Was the statement made under oath? What EXACTLY what asked? Was the statement made on the record (was a court reporter...