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  • Sid Miller Criminal Case Would Stay in Travis County

    Friday Apr 15 | via Texas Tribune 

    If embattled Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is prosecuted for misusing government funds, his trial would be in Travis County, officials said Friday, despite a new law that sends some corruption cases against state officials and employees to their home counties. Before December, the public integrity unit in the Travis County district attorney's office investigated and prosecuted alleged corruption by state officials and employees.


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Huffman Law

Can i file for a green card if i am in probation for a dwi
I'm in probation for a dwi and i need to apply for my green card ..can i file both petitions or wait till probation is done
You can apply at any time. Whether they grant your request or not is an immigration question and should be addressed...
Whats the difference in being charged w/a DWI & being charged w/a DUI in Harris County and Why a GrandJury in misdameaner case?
Allegedly an officer found what he believed to be Ecstasy (was really a Cloanapin) in Husbands front pocket after finding him asleep at the wheel. Husband was taken to hospital for highly elevated blood pressure & pulse due to heart issues and was discharged from hospital. Hospital even called a cab for him after discharge. A few days later, the law kicks in the door for a felony warrant for his arrest, charging him with PS PG 1 and PS PG 2 Almost a month later, they issue another warrant, charging him with a misdemeanor DWI -stating that the officer completed a Grand Jury Supena for his blood work bc he was unable to give consent that particular evening. Medical records return that there was only amphetamine in his system.
First off, I'm sorry this is going on. It's always difficult when a family member in in legal trouble, especially a...
Will I get a DWI or ticket through mail ?!?
I got pulled over for Dwi by an off-duty police officer. He handcuffed me and called for another officer. They never showed up. So he asked me if I could call someone to pick me up. I told him that I could. After that he decided to take me home. He took a picture of my DL but didn't give me a ticket, nor a sobriety test. I was respectful and courteous through the whole ordeal.
Man did you luck out. I doubt you will be charged with anything.
Can a person opt for an alcohol blood test in instead of a breathalyzer test or would that be used against the driver?
If stopped by a Police Office and requested to do a breathalyzer test can I make an option for a blood test to verify the alcohol level in instead of the breathalyzer? During a Driver's education course the video mentions that this is an option.
I've actually had a case where the officer requested a breath sample and my client refused, but added that he would...
Can I call the police and have them wait for her to drive down my street? I have no proof she is drunk but it is likely.
I live in Houston, TX with my one-year-old son and his mother. She has been drinking and drugging regularly, several nights out of the week. She is out with friends right now, and I am unsure if she is drunk or high but would like to call the police to stop her if she is.
No, but she'll likely get pulled over if she is, and then you can file a motion to modify custody if that is your intention
What should be my next move or whats gonna happen now
Im out on bond for second dwi im a felon and repeat offender on driving violations anyways I got caught driving againin another county after I swore in court not to drive what should be my next move or whats gonna happen now
You're next move is pretty obvious. Get a lawyer
Does anyone know of a blood testing facility I could use in the Houston area for the retest of a DWI sample?
Does anyone know of a blood testing facility in the Houston Area that can retest a blood sample taken by HPD and stored with Houston Forensic Science Department for blood alcohol concentration levels. If you have used any facilities before to retest blood I would appreciate your input in working with those facilities. Thank you.
You could have it tested at Integrated Forensic Laboratories. They are up here in the D/FW area but you could still use...