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Can I get deported for a first offense dui in Michigan?
The answer to your question depends on a number of other issues. For example, do you have legal status in the United...
Ex husband has no license due to DWI's. He went into a ditch and left his truck. It was impounded. Went to pick it up and when asked who was driving, he pointed the finger at son and said he was. Son was taken aside and made up a story because he doesn't want his dad to go to jail. Son is realizing now that he may lose his DL. How can my son tell the court that he lied for his dad without getting into deeper water? My son wants his dad to get some help with his drinking, but dad gets mad at son when it get brought up. Dad has a violent history-shot and killed 2 of my 3 horses 20 years back because he was mad.
You did not mention your son's age. If your son is 18 or over he needs to consult with an experienced criminal defense...
On 9/30/12, I was driving my ex husbands vehicle that he bought for me but was registered to him. I was struck by a drunk driver who fled the scene, leaving me in the vehicle, trapped. When I awoke, I was covered in blood and both air bags had deployed. I screamed for help but he refused & ran into the woods. I kicked my door open and chased the man through the woods with my Large MagLight. I caught him & hit him from behind with my flashlight and he fought me to let him go. The police witnessed me dragging this man by his shirt out of the woods & down the dirt road to where they were standing. He was arrested & transported to ER for medical attention. I suffered a head injury, neck sprain & a concussion that I am just now recovering from. Car was totaled & medical bills denied by Geico.
consult a personal injury attorney in MI.
i am wondering if i can still live with my parents if i am on probation for a first offense dui in michigan? if the terms state that i cannot possess any alcohol, can i still live with my parents who do have it? if they lock it up, keep it in there room and is not out in the open, will that be ok? just really freaking out because i cannot afford to live on my own right now, i have a full time job but with school bills and such, i cannot afford any more payments at this time. thanks!
Talk to your PO and your parents. The likely answer is "no alcohol in the house" but it doesn't hurt to ask.
how much jail time
It's impossible to tell just from what very little you've given us. It will depend on your previous record as well as...
I am 18, a student at Grand Valley State University, and I only blew a .015. I had barely anything to drink. Everyone else (10 others) who got MIPs with me blew way higher than me. What are my chances of getting this misdimeter off my record? I cant have this effect my FAFSA
Most likely if you obtain representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney you could avoid a conviction in...
LLEGAN, MI -- A 23-year-old Grand Haven woman accused of driving drunk in a June crash that killed a Holland couple has waived an initial hearing. [Information Withheld] waived a preliminary hearing Thursday, Nov. 13, in Allegan County District Court on two counts of operating while intoxicated causing death. Allegan County sheriff's deputies alleged that [Information Withheld] was driving south on M-40, north of Allegan, when she swerved into the oncoming lane to avoid hitting a car stopped to make a left turn. Her vehicle collided with a motorcycle. [Information Withheld], ages 69 and 66, were on the cycle and died. [Information Withheld] was charged in October. Typically, lab testing on blood can take several months to complete. [Information Withheld] case now goes to Allegan County Circuit Court. E-mail [Information Withheld] and follow him on Twitter at [Information Withheld]
All cases begin in District Court. For felony cases, which is what you described, the defendant has a right to have a...