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I was not fleeing as the police video that was only made available after the pretrial shows that there was only about 20 sec of fleeing involved in this drama. I was getting off the road as i thought the cops were after another speeding bike on the road . Since i didn't think he was after me... i rode off only to realize he was now tailing me! The speed recorded was 66 on a 50 mile stretch (most likely the speed of the other bike that disappeared ahead of me). I have a license for firearm possession in Wisconsin but was stopped in MN hence the issue with the license. If the felony fleeing charge is dropped as it is pretty ridiculous to try and make a fleeing charge stick on 20 secs of so called fleeing... will rest of the charges hold?
You have a good grip on the legal and factual issues here, but the question is best directed to the lawyer who...
what can happen to this situation
The short answer to your question is that, yes, one party, most likely the male (assuming male-female intercourse) can...
This is a first offense, blowing a .13 - taking place in Hennepin County, MN with a resident of Wisconsin - which state determines how long the license will be suspended? (No injuries and no property damage, no passengers - no other vehicles involved)
Usually is determined by the state where you received the DUI.
If I am not granted opportunity for a lawyer, can I move for a dismissal for anything after the arrest. I did request a lawyer, If so would this include refusal?
A first offense OWI is not a criminal offense in Wisconsin. You have the right to an attorney, though one will not be...
My letter from the judge states I am restored to full citizenship as if conviction had never taken place. Will be graduating from college soon and want to know if felony conviction will show up on any background check and how I answer question on application regarding whether I have ever been convicted of felony. Felony was for 5th DWI under MN law.
You may want to re-post this showing as a location the place where you were convicted. That will bring your question to...
I had not been drinking, there was only the presence of alcohol. Also was not breathalyzed I live in the state of Wisconsin.
Not guilty will generally do for your initial appearance.
My right to drive in Minnesota was suspended for 90 days after being pulled over on a DUI charge in that state. I was not convicted for this offense, however my suspension remained intact. I am a licensed driver in the state of Wisconsin, not Minnesota. The suspension began last February, and as the 90 day period will be up next week, I am curious if I am able to drive again immediately without taking any action? My notice of revocation only states that I will need to pay a reinstatement fee for a Minnesota driver's license, but since I do not have a license in the state of Minnesota, am I able to drive again right away or will I need to do something first? Thank you.
You can't drive in MN until you have served the supension and take care of their requirements to reinstate your...