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Second DWI offense. NEED HELP PLEASE.
This past October I had feel asleep at the wheel which caused me to blow through the busiest intersection in my town. When asleep I had pushed the gas harder causing me to speed up to 65mph. I awoke after a heard horns, then was t boned by another vehicle.This ended in a serious 6 car wreck. alcohol tests were not administered on site or at the hospital. After I got home I had started drinking then the officer questioned me. I was still in a state of shock at the time and he put that I plead guilty for a DWI. Altogether I am charged with DWI/revoked license, reckless driving, running a red light, and speeding( 65 in a 45). Also I am on supervised probation but this incident didn't occur during my probation. What all am I looking at here?
You are looking at potentially quite a bit of time in jail or even prison, depending upon the injuries to the other...
Is it Possible to get a .17 lower.Its my first DWI and I was a mile from the Car when I got the ticket.I was not seen in the car
State Highway Patrol gave me the Ticket I wasn't never seen in the car nor near the car or driving I said I drove the car but they could really place me in the Car only by my word.
A criminal defense lawyer can review the case to determine any potential issues. A thorough review is required in order...
Can a .09 dui be reduced in nc?
Occurred at road check/ had refusal to submit in 2008.
What do you mean by "reduced"? The DA will not "reduce" a .09 to a .07, for example. And there are no "lesser included...
What are my options for a 1st time DUI charge? And never been in trouble ever!
I was pulled over after work one night and I had had 2 drinks. The back up officer wanted me to blow into this hand held device but I didn't think that was a good idea so I told him I wanted to call someone and he pushed me up against the car and put hand cuffs on me. When my witness got there I was crying so hard I couldn't breathe right into the machine. Instead of giving me a minute he made me do a blood sample and put on the paper work I refused to blow. Which is not the case at all. What should I do, Is there any way I can keep my license. I have a toddler and am recently separated from my husband. I have learned my lesson, thats for sure, and I cant afford to not be able to drive. Please help me!
I would suggest speaking directly with an experienced DUI attorney in your area very soon. There is much to do discuss...
I got 3 tickets in one day need to know what to expect and what is going to happen to me.
1st ticket was failed to stop at seen of crash. didnt know i hit the other car. only paint damage to my car no one hurt. 2nd ticket diffrent officer speeding 74 in 55, 3rd DWI.
Hire a lawyer. The DWI is the biggie- if convicted that revokes your license for 1 full year. The speeding can likely...
Can they charge me for underage drinking?
I went camping with some friends and we were drinking some and got a bit loud. The next day the girl who rented the camping spot got a call from the police saying she needed to come in to talk to them. We have no idea what it's about, but assume someone might have seen us drinking out of red cups and reported us. All of the alcohol was thrown away the next day and the campsite was left in good condition. Can the police charge you for underage drinking just because they got a phone call about it? and if they can, will it hold up in court since they have no evidence we were drinking? Also can they look at text messages on our phones?
AVVO inquiries often include issues of what "can" police do. . .and what one might reasonably expect in court. After...
Can I move to Florida since I just got hired by a company there since I have an impending 1st time DWI court date in NC?
I got my 1st DWI back in January in North Carolina. I have been unemployed for over a year and recently just got a job with a company in Florida. Since my court date is scheduled for Sept 23 am I able to move before the court date as long as I show up for the court date? If I get probation or anything will they make me move back to North Carolina?
You should check the conditions of your bond. They frequently state that you may not leave the state without permission....