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How can a cop prove to u are intoxicated without a breathalyzer test being performed and asked for and never given
I was arrested for intoxicated and disruptive what is the pusishment and how do they prove it.
Intoxicated and Disruptive cases in NC are somewhat odd. "Intoxication" is not necessarily proven via breath or blood...
I got a DUI in Sc in 2007 and now reside in NC. I blew a .08 and lost my license.
I lost my license due to a DUI in SC in 2007 and now I reside in NC. I was ordered to attend ADSAP classes and due to the cost have never been able to. Since I blew a .08 which is legal limit is there anything I can do? Can I attend classes in NC for my SC case?
You should post this question in SC, but I will answer it according to NC (the law might be similar, but you should...
I was charged in North Carolina with DWI, under 1/2 oz of marijuana and paraphernalia. What are my options for talking to the DA
I was charged back in July 2016 with a DWI (first offense); possession under 1/2 OZ of marijuana, and a paraphernalia charge. This is my first time having any issues with DWI, but I do smoke pot to help my anger, depression and stability. I was stopped at a DWI checkpoint, and the officers smelled the odor. I wasn't smoking at the time, but I hadn't long smoked. I do not have an attorney for this case, and I do plan to consult with one, but funds are the largest issue. I'm hesitant with a court appointed attorney because I feel that he or she might not be sympathetic to my needs. The reason I've been smoking marijuana as stated above, also correlates to a divorce I was going through. My divorce finalized in September, but I'm trying to pick up the pieces. I don't want to admit guilt in district court, I would like for my case to be heard in Superior Court. I was wondering if jurors are more sympathetic to my situation. While I understand the DWI and the elements required to be charged, I wasn't under the influence in terms of an imparing state. I wouldn't have had any issues that night if it wasn't for the checkpoint. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
To get your case into Superior Court, you must either be found guilty or not resist a finding of guilt in District...
Do I need to have a dismissed charged for underage drinking expunged for my daughter?
She completed a class and charges were dismissed by the District Attorney. State of North Carolina - she is 18 years old.
It never hurts. That way she can legally say she was never charged with the crime. But you only get one expungement so...
What are the statute of limitations on a DUI arrest still pending from 3 years ago.
For Greg Thomas Hill. I went before a judge in ( august, of 2012), and was told what i could be facing if found guilty. IT has been 3 years. My lawyer will not give me any possible options on what he could do. My court date is in august that's all i know.
The statute of limitations is the period of time the State has to charge you with a crime. Once you've been charged,...
Second DWI offense. NEED HELP PLEASE.
This past October I had feel asleep at the wheel which caused me to blow through the busiest intersection in my town. When asleep I had pushed the gas harder causing me to speed up to 65mph. I awoke after a heard horns, then was t boned by another vehicle.This ended in a serious 6 car wreck. alcohol tests were not administered on site or at the hospital. After I got home I had started drinking then the officer questioned me. I was still in a state of shock at the time and he put that I plead guilty for a DWI. Altogether I am charged with DWI/revoked license, reckless driving, running a red light, and speeding( 65 in a 45). Also I am on supervised probation but this incident didn't occur during my probation. What all am I looking at here?
You are looking at potentially quite a bit of time in jail or even prison, depending upon the injuries to the other...
Is it Possible to get a .17 lower.Its my first DWI and I was a mile from the Car when I got the ticket.I was not seen in the car
State Highway Patrol gave me the Ticket I wasn't never seen in the car nor near the car or driving I said I drove the car but they could really place me in the Car only by my word.
A criminal defense lawyer can review the case to determine any potential issues. A thorough review is required in order...