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Should I be concerned? I feel I am being ripped off by Monitech.
I have to have the breathalyzer for 3 years and have less than a year left before it comes off. I have had no problems until recently when the DMV changed the calibration on the interlock systems. Since then I have had multiple fails all while either leaving for work or leaving work to come home. The system will pass me initially, then fail me on a rolling test, then turn around and pass me again on the off-test...anytime that happens 3 times you have to pay $35 for an override code. I feel I am being ripped off because I am not drinking, have no air fresheners in the car, and don't wear perfume anymore due to the calibration levels. I don't know what could be setting it off and I am scared of having consequences for a machine messing up on me!
Of course you are getting ripped off that's part of the punishment for being convicted of a DWI. You don't think an...
What happens now? Drinking ticket, while on differed prosecution
I am currently on differed prosecution, will it now be revoked and me prosecuted to the fullest extent? Is there any way I can just get more community service, or am I just done for?
Hello there, This ticket sounds as if you were either given a citation for consuming alcohol in public. If you are...
Spewing ticket/30 civil revocation?
I had been charged with a DWI and received the typical 30 day civil revocation of my drivers license. Fast forward a few months and I received a speeding ticket along with being charged for driving on a revoked license even though the 30 days had been up for quite some time.
Important questions: Have you appeared in court on all court dates? At the conclusion of 30 days’ pre-trial...
Which court needs to be handled first, Federal or County?
At the beginning of 2017 my son got arrested for underage drinking and DUI after he wrecked his car(no medical attention was offered), his BaRC was low for an adult but not minor. He has went to court yet on these charges. Then six months later he was visiting a friend on a military base and got another DUI at the gate (wasn’t on base but was held by PMO (stupid yes,understatement) and this one will be in Federal court here in NC and in separate counties. My question is which one will he be better off going to first? Both lawyers said there’s no jail time just fines. So I just want to know which one we should be letting the lawyers keep continuing? Thanks so much
Getting a DUI at the gate means he WAS on base. You are "on base" when you're "at the gate. Your son is in a lot of...
Is there any added sentence on to the suspended if you absconder on a dui conviction?
My suspended is only 6 months and i have a crv coming up. Id rather just get off probation completely. And turn myself in after Christmas and do my suspended 6 mo.
Your sentence will not be enhanced if you abscond. I wouldn't recommend that course of action. Best of luck!
What is the best possible outcome from a DWI and a failure to appear ?
My husband was arrested in 2001 for a DWI, he was assigned a public defender who he meet with once. The attorney said he would be in contact with court dates and we never heard from him again. Husband was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 2002 and we relocated to another state about 6 months or so later. Still had heard nothing from the public defender or courts. We left forwarding information with the public defenders aid/secretary. Fast forward to now, he went to renew his license and was told he can't due to an issue in the previous state, come to find out the DWI was still open and a failure to appear was added on to it. What is the best outcome for my husband, he's had a clean driving record since, as well as been with the same employer, and has logged over 1000 volunteer hours.
It is impossible to answer this without knowing the details of the case. Hire a lawyer in the state where the charges...
Can I just sell my truck and then buy a new one after a year due to license suspension and inter lock device?
Just got convicted of my first dui, I was ordered to have my license revoked and drive with an interlock device for 1 year. My question is, can I just sell my truck after getting a limited privlage license to start the clock on the year. This way I can save the money on insurence/ car note/ and the device it self. I have the logistics situation worked out and am prepared to walk to work considering I'm in the military and can live in the barracks located right next to my work place.
I think an important question is why you intend to obtain a limited driving privilege if you do not wish to use a...