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  • Freehold Man Charged With Marijuana Distribution

    Thursday Jul 30 | via 

    Howell's police chief says the 18-year-old's T-shirt hinted at what he might be up to. An 18-year-old from Freehold is probably regretting his choice of T-shirt, after he was arrested on drug charges after a motor vehicle stop led to the discovery of a pound of marijuana at his home, Howell police said.


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  • Ocean County Man Impregnated 14-Year-Old Girl, Autho...

    Wednesday Jul 29 | via 

    An Ocean County man is jail in lieu of $135,000 bail, accused of sexually assaulting and impregnating a 14-year-old girl from Howell in October 2014, according to court documents. Howell Township police arrested Jose Bonilla, 44, of Joe Parker Avenue, Lakewood, on Tuesday in the case, according to the Monmouth County Prosecutor's office.


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  • Indictment: NJ man committed lewd acts in front of c...

    Saturday Jul 18 | via 

    Monmouth County prosecutors say 50-year-old Gregory Rittman, of Howell, also faces charges of child endangerment and lewdness in the 12-count indictment handed up this week by a county grand jury. Rittman was arrested last October after he allegedly was caught masturbating in front of an 8-year-old child in the bathroom of a fast-food restaurant, More charges were filed against him after three more alleged young victims came forward.


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  • Howell Man Indicted On Pedophilia Charges

    Friday Jul 17 | via More Monmouth Musings 

    Gregory Rittman, 50, of Howell Township, was Indicted by a Monmouth County Grand Jury this week on 12 counts of Sexual Assault, Endangering the Welfare of a Child and Lewdness, according to a statement by Acting Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni. Rittman was arrested on Friday, Oct. 24, 2014, after authorities received a report from an employee at a McDonald's that described lewd behavior witnessed by an 8-year-old juvenile, near the sink in the men's bathroom of the restaurant.


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  • Prosecutor: Monmouth County Man Did Lewd Acts In Pub...

    Friday Jul 17 | via 

    A Monmouth County grand jury has returned a 12-count Indictment charging a Howell Township man with offenses related to his arrest last year after it was discovered he was masturbating in public restrooms in view of children, announced Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni. Gregory S. Rittman, 50, of Howell is charged with four counts each of second-degree sexual assault, fourth-degree lewdness, and third-degree endangering the welfare of a child, according to the MCPO.


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  • N.J. man indicted for allegedly masturbating near ki...

    Friday Jul 17 | via The Jersey Journal 

    FREEHOLD - A 50-year-old Howell man has been indicted on a dozen charges related to allegations that he masturbated in public restrooms in the view of childre n, Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni announced Friday morning. On Oct. 24, 2014, Gregory Rittman, 49, of Howell , was arrested after authorities received a report from an employee at a McDonald's on Route 35 in Wall Township who described lewd behavior that took place near the sink of the restaurant's men's bathroom and was witnessed by an 8 year old, authorities said.


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  • Man led police on chase after using fake credit card...

    Saturday Jul 4 | via 

    HOWELL - A Brooklyn man who authorities said bought an iPad using fake credit card was arrested after leading Howell Township police on a chase. The incident started at 3:01 p.m. on Friday at the Best Buy store on Route 9 in Howell, said Howell police Chief Andrew Kudrick Jr. Kudrick said employees of the store reported a man later identified as Ernest Jones, 47, of Brooklyn, had just purchased a $500 iPad using a fake credit card and a fictitious Ohio driver's license.


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  • Man Leads Police On Route 195 Chase After Alleged Cr...

    Friday Jul 3 | via 

    The man is accused of using a fake credit card and driver's license to buy an iPad at the Best Buy in Howell on Thursday. A New York man is facing charges of attempted assault on a police officer, eluding and credit card fraud after he allegedly tried to buy an iPad using a fake driver's license and fake credit card and then fled Thursday.


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Howell Law

DWI in my driveway
I was home sitting in my car in my driveway n 2 cops pulled up and said they got reports that I hit multiple cars. .. By the look at my car it was clear that it was BS as my car was not damaged yet they charged me with DWI. I was home already in my house drinking I decided to go back out to get my cigarettes and I made the mistake n sat back in my car with the keys in the ignition. I did already get a lawyer n explain the case - he thinks it's a tuff case - what do you think?
I don't know enough to comment. I must defer to YOUR LAWYER, the lawyer you hired and who alone possesses more...
If i have a suspended CT licence due to DUI but a valid NJ one can I legally drive in Nj
My Licence is suspended in CT but I have a valid Nj Licence. Is it Legal for me to drive in NJ, what about any other state?
If you have a valid NJ license that was not obtained by any fraud or misrepresentation, your are permitted to drive in...
If you get a DUI in SC in 2008, and get another in june 2011 in VA is the VA DUI considered a 2nd within 5 years, or does it
have to be the same state? I'm talking about my sister. She claims her DUI in SC in 2008 will not be a consideration to the judge.
The different states have different rules regarding DWI. You'd need to contact a Virginia attorney to answer this...
How many times can a case be postpone
how many times can a case be postpone can it get thrown out
The answer to your question largely depends on "who" is requesting the postponements and the "reasons why" your case...
I just got pick up on a warrant on a dui from 1991 what can i expect when i appear in court
what kind of fines and will i get jail time
Fines and jail time depend on the particular laws in your State. However what you should be more concerned about is...
Will you be denied a, server abc card. if you had a dui in nj
Im applying for an abc card to be a server at a restaurant . I had gotten a dui 2 years previous . will I be denied the card to work as a server?
A DUI should not prohibit you from obtaining an ABC card. Good luck!
Monmouth county, NJ attorney needed to help me with a DUI charge.
I need an attorney familiar with the Monmouth county NJ court system to help me extricate myself from this situation: I received a DUI about a year ago, and I had two previous, but only one within 10 years (7 years old) - the other was over 15 years ago). I failed to appear for this case though, and am living out of state now, with that warrant outstanding. I have some funds now and would like to get this cleared up. My question is, can someone familiar with the players in that area help me through this, and give me a (rough, of course) estimate of how much it would end up costing me, and also what the odds are of evading jail time, or at least limiting the time to 3 months or less (I lose SS disability benefits if incarcerated more than 3 months). Thank you!
Thank you for your question. Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will...