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What is the probation period for a 1st DUI in VA? Can a public intoxication violate probation even if VASAP was completed?
I got a 1st DUI conviction in Dec. 2013. I was told the probation period was for 1 year. During that year I completed the VASAP classes with no violations. At the end of my year, in Dec. 2014, my VASAP office said I was finished with the program and cleared me to get my license back. This past weekend, May 2015, I got a public intoxication charge in a different city. Even though it has been well over a year since conviction for DUI, can this public intoxication charge affect my probation, whether I am convicted or not?
If you are charged with a new crime during a period of probation, it can be a violation of your probation. However,...
I have a D.U.I in another state. and a warrant for FTA. What do I do?
I had a lawyer help reduce the charges but after we agreed to the plea I never heard back. And now I have the warrant for fta. but I'm not getting any info from the court or my old lawyer. I have no idea where to begin or what to do
Did you pay the lawyer? Continue trying to contact the lawyer you think you hired or retain another attorney who...
If I can not be seen in the video of my DUI arrest can the video still be used as evidence of intoxication/probable cause?
I cant be seen performing the field sobriety tests. Can the court still say they have sufficient evidence for the arrest?
Yes. A video is not mandatory but it is suspicious as to why you are not on the video. Convey this information to...
What happens when a second offense Dui is dropped to a 1st offense because the original first charge is still pending in court?
I was charged with 2 Dui's. The second one held me with no bond and I couldn't plea out because the 1st was still an open case. I served 35 days before the commonwealth agreed to lower the charge. Subsequently my second offense was changed to a 1st offense in which I plead guilty and was released on time served and ordered to attend the ASAP program . I face the original 1st Dui in a few weeks. What may occur? Could this charge be upped to a 2nd offense? I served 20 days more than I was sentenced to. Could this good time help me in this other case ? It was a different county.
Yes, it probably can be increased to a 2nd offense because the status normally is based upon conviction not on the date...
Last night An unmarked deputy knocked on my windowif my car, I left since i was a little drunk and a cop started to chase us.
I drove away into a neighborhood and then left the car and ran inti the woods. Me and all my friends escaped into the woods. But the police took my car. Shoukd I report it as stolen? And can the police charge me with anything other then evading police since they never caught me in the car?
You have put yourself in serious trouble. Facing jail. Speak to a lawyer in your area IMMEDIATELY. Your car is...
I have a Class A CDL, I am pleading to a DWAI in NY. How long will my license be suspended for driving regular vehicles; cars
DWAI is a traffic infraction in NY. It is not criminal. It is a lesser charge than a DWI. I have a CDL and realize it is gone for one year. Does Virginia have a hard ship license which allows someone to drive to and from work?
I am assuming you are licensed in Virginia. The Virginia DMV is authorized to suspend your license for DUI/DWI...
How to answer "do you have criminal conviction?"
I live in VA and had my dui reduced to reckless driving and I was wondering if I need to answer yes to the do you have criminal conviction? on job application, rent application, etc... And if I do say yes, can I just say that I have gotten reckless driving or do I need to specify that I was charged with dui but reduced to reckless?
I would say that the honest answer to "Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?" is "Yes." In Virginia,...