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Can you fight a dui after refusing the blood test
Im a 36 year old male thats never been convicted of anything or charged or in trouble with law. Was driving a car I just bought that day and feel i was dishonestly pulled over and treated like there next dui stop. I was honest and told them the two beers i had drank in a three hour period and even had the two empty bottles in the back seat that were sealable and was collecting. Also the officer wouldnt tell me if i passed my roadside tests. What would be the best advice please and thank y0ou
Retain an attorney. You need good solid advice that you can rely on. This is not the time to try to navigate the entire...
You need to hire a lawyer to represent you in a DUID, DUI of prescription drugs, and you refused a chemical test.
You need a lawyer to represent you in court and the DMV Hearing. Thats all I heard here when I asked a question. Well, the Criminal case was dismissed due to my own due dilligence in researching applicable information to use while defending myself. 2 months later the DMV Hearing, for refusing a blood test, was dismissed as well. This goes to show if you apply yourself and do the research you have as good a chance of winning it yourself as with an attorney
Absolutely, you need to contact an attorney asap, you have a very limited time for setting a DMV hearing. Additionally,...
If the officer that called 911 to report me as driving drunk has the wrong case number in his statement can it be thrown out
Court dropped dui charges. indefinite postponement for dmv hearing. And the officer who called me into 911 wrote the wrong case #in his statement can it be thrown out ? Its not a clerical error. How can it be used against me v. se # in his stement
These are questions you should be asking your own DUI defense lawyer. Can it be thrown out? Doubtful. Can it be...
If my court case for dui results in a dismissal and the dmv keeps postponing my case.can i have it dismissed
Arresting officer has extreme medical problems and may never testify. how long do i have to wait
While there is normally a 60 day requirement for the hearing reasonable continuances will be granted for medical...
When the dmv postponed my hearing how much time do they have to reschedule it
My Refusal hearing at the dmv was set for sept 11. Dmv called 2 days earlier saying the trooper had serious health issues and the hearing will be postponed. Do they have more than 30 days to hold the hearing. And can I request a dismissal now. They only have 60 days to set the original hearing right. What should I do. Also I never got the ec packet.
You can request one, but they won't give it to you. They have the authority to reschedule the hearing outside the 60-...
Officer requests rescheduling of dmv hearing due to med issues.bCan I move to dismiss
Officer requested postponement of dmv hearing due to med issues. Can I move to dismiss the case
Can you? Yes. Will they dismiss it? No. You, or preferably your lawyer, can certainly explore the issue of the...
Does the dmv have time restraints to send the ec packet
Was stopped for dui alcohol i offerred to take breath test she asked me 3 times to do roadside tests. when she saw my disability hampered my ability she asked about prescription meds i told her she then arrested me for duid . And i refused the bloodctest
A hearing must be held within 60 days from the date you request a hearing which must be done within 7 days if te date...