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  • Vincent Asaro, Reputed Mobster, Is Sentenced to 8 Ye...

    Thursday Dec 28 | via The New York Times 

    For nearly half a century, the reputed wise guy Vincent Asaro has escaped conviction on an array of criminal charges, having been accused - and then acquitted - of, among other things, strangling a man to death with a dog chain and taking part in the infamous Lufthansa heist in 1978. On Thursday, however, at age 82, Mr. Asaro was sentenced to eight years in prison for what may be the pettiest allegation he has ever faced: ordering his underlings to set fire to the car of a motorist who cut him off in traffic in Queens.


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II just found i have a bench warrant in Queens for failure to pay a fine for a DWI in 2014, i am going to clear this up tomorrow
I got a DWI in 2014 and was sentenced to one year ACD but i never payed the fine and have a bench warrant out! I am going to clear this up tomorrow! What will happen wwhen i show up?
How could you have a fine if you got an ACD? Regardless, you may want to consider speaking with an attorney familiar...
How can I save my TLC license if arrested for DWI?
TLC sent a letter that my license is suspended because of my recent arrest and the letter says if I plead guilty to DWAI or DWI I will be revoked and can't reapply for 3 years. How can this be avoided since I thought DWAI would be a good deal but I'm not sure what I should do.
Was the stop legal? Is there any doubt you were operating the vehicle? Were the field sobriety tests properly...
I was rear-ended by a drunk driver last night and I am looking for a lawyers advice.
Hello, I was hit by a drunk driver on Sunday night and I am looking for some advice on how to proceed with the situation. I was driving to a shopping mall with my mom on Sunday night when my vehicle started to make a noise. I pulled over to the shoulder of the road to check my vehicle when I was severely rear-ended by a vehicle going at least 50 mph. We were in complete shock but once we collected ourselves together we went to check on the other vehicle. While appoarching the vehicle that hit us we realized that it was empty and that the driver had fled the scene of the accident. Furthermore there were 8-10 beer cans scattered throughout the front compartment. When the police arrived they started to search for the drunk driver. Unfortunately after a 2 hour investigation they were unable to catch him, as of yet. The drivers vehicle is registered in Florida and insured by a small company in wisonsin which is suspicious. Me and my mom weren't seriously injured but we are both pretty beat up and sore. I more worried about my mom because she has health issues. Should we sue? What should we do next?
You and your mom should get medical attention ASAP. Contact a local personal injury attorney in your area for a...
I got a desk appearance ticket I was drunk and don’t remember what I did I was probably taking a piss is it serious my situati?
I was drunk and I was probably taking a piss
What are you charged with and which courthouse is the case in?
Is it possible to have a DWI case dismissed based on a "insufficient sample" BAC reading greater than the 0.08?
I was given a breathalyzer test at a police precinct and the result was an "insufficient sample" of 0.12. I was arrested and charged with DWI. I'm wondering if with that kind of reading I should pursue to fight the case or would I be wasting my time/money?
Hire a criminal defense attorney who can best advise you. You want to get the breathalyzer thrown out. Were you...
Will I revive a mail from the NYC booking center for a DUI and if so how long will it take to recive it by mail?
I got pulled over and arrested Sunday morning 4am for a dwi which they sent me to a station to be tested again but it turned into a DUI after 4-5 hours later. I was then sent to another station which the judge told me to return for another date. I need to know if/and how long will it take to recive a mail from the booking station? Since the court already gave me a slip when I have to return with a lawyer. This is my first time ever to get pulled over.
if you saw a judge, you will not receive anything from the booking station/police Precinct. The slip you got from the...
NJ nursing Student with NY DUI, can I get this sealed or expunged?
Approx. 8 years ago I had an aggravated DUI arrest in NY. I paid the fines, went to the defensive driver classes and have no had any issues since. I am currently a nursing student and living in NJ and know I will face issues when it comes to getting my Nursing license from the NJ Board of Nursing. Do I have any options?
New York does not expunge. Starting this October, people can move to seal criminal convictions once 10 years since...