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I have a DUI in Michigan. If I move to Colorado can I get a license there before I get my Michigan one back
I am currently off probation and was told by a lawyer it will be 4 to 6 months before I can get my license back. I was told I can get a Colorado license now, but if I do can I still get a Michigan license if I move back to Michigan.
I doubt it. Michigan and Colorado have what's referred to as a reciprocity agreement, meaning the share DUI conviction...
I had a recent arrest with a .12 on breathalyzer. I had a DUI conviction 17 years ago is this prosecuted as a second offense?
It said oui 1st on the ticket.
From the information provided in your question, this is the second time you've been charged with DUI. It would...
What do I have to do to get drivers license back, in another state after DUI's?
Got two DUI's in Illinois over ten years ago. License was revoked. Completed all court requirements. Two years ago applied for license in Illinois and was turned down due to financial and no letters from support circle. I'm now I'm Michigan. Can I go to DMV and get license? Or do I have to go to court like Illinois? Then pay for blow and go, pay for post evaluation, and show letters from support group. That's why I never finished getting it back. Blow and go to expensive, don't have money for post evaluation, and no transportation to support groups.
You are probably in a database that will prevent you from getting a license in Michigan. You're just going to have to...
I just got an dui what do I do now?
It's my first offense ever and it was in novi Michigan and my friends say they are a very harsh city
The very best thing you can do is invest in the best and most experienced DUI/OWI attorney that you can. A lot is at...
Is there anything as car owner, or my step son do to suit the drunk driver?
My step son was driving our vehicle one night when he was hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light and t-boned our vehicle. My step son was not drunk but did have an open container in the car. He was not seriously injured just very sore for about a week as the drunk hit the passenger side not driver side. The car was completely totaled. My step son was not cited for the open container but according to police report the other driver blew more then the legal limit.
Seek the advice of a personal injury attorney. Your son has a potential claim for his injury. You should go to your...
How does a restricted license after an OWAI conviction work?
My questions involve a restricted license following an alcohol related conviction. First, if the license is only for school, work and medical purposes how can you fill your car with gas? Second, if you plead guilty to a local ordinance called Operating While Ability Impaired or "OWAI," do you need to get an SR-22? Third, do I need to take any steps other than pay the reinstatement fee in order to get my license back after the period of restriction? I really appreciate any advice that you may offer. Thanks!
Get your gas filled on the way to work or on the way home. I am not familiar with the firm
Can I get a driver license in TN?
My Driver license is suspended revoked in MI if I move to TN can I get a drivers license and start over clean slate?
Not likely. There is reciprocity between most states and if you are suspended or revoked the new state will probably...