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What's the process to press charges on someone?
Today I was chased by an individual who hit us from the back of car and when he hit us we got stuck and he hit the car on the driver side while we were parked and I'm scared of what he's capable of now and I want to press charges?
Call the police immediately. They will take a police report, and take pictures of the vehicle and scene. Give them...
2 and 1/2 year old bench warrant for misdemeanor DUI charge, just became aware of, how do I start the process to take care of it
I was on probation in 2015, and was pulled over and got a misdemeanor DUI charge. I was cited and released. The DUI charge was in Apache Junction, about 250 miles from I live. I was given a court date on my ticket and later received a letter from the court saying my date was continued. I called the court several times to verify the date and was told I wasn't on the calendar yet. My PO requested the info on my DUI and never received anything either we assumed I wasn't being charged. I dealt with the probation violation in court and have been on probation ever since. Recently I applied for a job and was offered the position pending background check and drug test. I was searching my court stuff to prepare for the backround check and found out that I have a bench warrant for the DUI for missing court and my liscense is suspended. I recently purchased a vehicle through a dealership and nothing came up on my DMV check, my PO also never received anything about my warrant either. I really need this job so my question is how to I begin to get this taken care of? When I filled out my application I thought I had a valid drivers liscense now I'm finding out I don't, will the employer withdraw?
It's understandable you're concerned about the potential employment opportunity. The employer is free to do as they...
What will happen?
My husband had a 3 year probation sentencein july 2014, then in Nov 2016' he was arrested for am extreme DUI 1st offense, since his 3yr probation begain he's paid all restitution, completed GED all alcohol classes etc, Feb 10, 17 he self surrendered due to a letter he got via mail for failure to tell his PO about the DUI, I am also expecting In April will the judge consider that?
The Judge should consider all the circumstances, his being close to completing probation, the original charge, any...
Whats the amount for a drug paraphernalia charge in the state of Arizona
Driving on highway pulled over for window tint officers searched vehicle found a non used bong in my possession?
The State would have to prove you possessed the bong with the intent to ingest drugs. The fact that it was unused is...
I have two months left on my unsupervised Misdemeanor DUI probation. Can I travel to Central America?
My DUI was in Alaska, I asked permission of the court to move to Arizona, the motion was deemed a moot point as I am on unsupervised probation and have fulfilled my DUI classes, Interlock device, fines and community service. I want to travel to Central America the middle/end of July but my probation is not up until August 12th.. During the last two years I renewed my passport without a problem so was wondering if my travel plan will need to be postponed (which is a huge problem!)
Most judges will terminate unsupervised probation if all the terms and conditions have been met. My advice is to...
Plead guilty to first offense D.U.I. in Co. Nov.2000 was sent for alcohol evaluation then returned to court for sentence
judge refused guilty plea based upon evaluation report an set trial date i did not return for any further proceedings it has been 13 yrs. do i still face charges i received no notices of disposition,does statute of limitations apply to this case
What court/state were you in? If by Co. you mean Colorado, you should post in that jurisdiction. In Arizona, if you...
I was given medication at a jail and was unable to walk and released in that condition to walk home down a highway ,I fell and g
I was in jail for no reason to begin with and I was having seizures because of withdrawals from alcohol and was given a high dose of I don't know what type of medication but it made me to where I could barely walk when they release me they had to wheelchair me to the door so let me go cuz I couldn't walk well I was made to walk down a freeway to go home and fell three times hurt my back on the 3rd time a DPS Officer had to stop and help me and called an ambulance to give me a ride now my back is injured what do I do
Sounds like you may have a case -- the jail should have known not to release you in that condition, especially if you...