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What to expect?
I am a military spouse and got a Dui on base. I feel terrible for the choices that I made that night, my BAC level was a .18. I'm terrified, I know I have to face my consequences, but I would like to know what to expect?
Because it happened on a military installation, this matter will be handled by the local federal magistrate's court....
Can't find a DUI lawyer in Fort Campbell Kentucky on the tool bar. Help please! !!
I asked earlier regarding the military police finding a can in my car and being released from the Army. I got great tips and all agreed I should get a lawyer in Kentucky even though I'm back in Florida. I used the tool bar on the comments page and there is no DUI lawyer's in Fort Campbell KY. Any ideas???
You can call the Kentucky State Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service.
I got a Drunk on duty Charge, trying to get me for a DUI is it possible?
I was late to formation and I was rushing ot my room and a NCO saw me driving my Vehicle. so they are trying to get me for a DUI. They ended up brining me to the staiton and I blew a .118, so yes i was drunk on duty. Is there so many hours they could go before they report it or can they just do it. They are trying to chapter me on a 14-12c. Just want to see what all I can do. I already have chapter paperwork in which they lied on.
You need to speak with an attorney who does military law on these topics.
What will my punishment be for a second dui? What is considered within 5 years is from arrest date or conviction date?
I was recently pulled over for my second dui on august 2nd of 2014. My first dui was back in 2009 when I was arrested. I was not convicted for the first dui util 2011. Would this most recent dui be considered within the 5 years. What are my options and will my punishment be in this case. Also I am currently active duty army served for 16 years, what will become of my military career. I know I will be chaptered out but is there any way to keep my benefits and medical. Second Dui is in Russellville, Kentucky
The 5 years begin to run from the date of the resolution of your case (found guilty or plea guilty), so 2016 is when...
Is failure to appear a misdemeanor in Kentucky? DUI arrest in 2002, missed a court date, arrested in 2012 on FTA on DUI.
I have to report a misdemeanor in the last ten years, concerned the 2012 arrest for failure to appear is a misdemeanor. Thanks!
A bench warrant issued by a judge based on failure to pay fines/costs IS NOT a crime, not a misdemeanor. A FTA (failure...
What are the chances that i can get my DUI charged dropped to a lesser charge.
I drank the night before and spend the night at a friends house. I went to bed at 1030 and woke up at 730. My car has a new front right tire so it pulls to the right. my phone wrang and i tried to grab it and missed. when i tried to catch and looked up i was off of the road. tried to get back on and lost control. the police officer tested me twic on site where i blew a 0.08 and 0.09. then once more 30 minutes later at the station where i blew a .105
You have a very hard case. Generally speaking, there are two ways to prove a DUI ... bad driving and what is known as...
If I represent myself at arraignment, can can I speak with DA to drop first 3 offenses and plead guilty to DUI?
I was asleep on shoulder of interstate. Police stop and wake me up and smell alcohol. Police claim eyes dialated and bloodshot, and incoherent speech. I refused breathalyzer. Two reckless driving complaints. Was cited for failure to notify address change...corrected; Failure to produce insurance...have copy; Reckless driving; DUI .08 (AGG) 1st off
Can you? Yes. Should you? No. Even if you feel 100% responsible, at least give yourself the benefit of talking to...