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Can i get reimbursed from the DMV for fees i paid to get my license back after a DUI, if i was never charged in court?
I was pulled over and arrested 5 years ago for a DUI, but was never charged in court. I paid well over 600$ to get my license reinstated through the DMV after they suspended it. Can i get some of them fees back since i was never charged??
Nope, civil revocations and criminal charges are two different things.
Is an interlock offense considered a second dui?
I was charged with 3rd degree dui. I had interlock in place but will have a interlock offense now. I haven't even went to trial for the original dui. I'm getting the machine calibrated before lock out tomorrow. Is there any chance I will be able to retain my interlock?
>>>>>>Is an interlock offense considered a second dui? I don't quite understand this question. Are you talking...
How to get a Hardship license in one state while revoked in another
I have a revoked license in pa but got a job offer in Minneapolis MN. Is it possible to get a hardship license in MN..I currently have 3 years left on my revoked license in pa
Since the revocation originated in PA, the DMV in PA would be the one to determine whether you can get a limited...
Can I enter Canada with a careless driving?
Hello. I was charged with a careless driving back in 2014 (Minnesota Statute 169.13.2). On my record there is no indication of alcohol or impaired driving. Is there any way they will grant me admittance to Canada?
Most likely you still can but you should direct your questions to the Canadien Consulate as they can advise you of...
My friend has 5th degree charge what is the most and least time if there is priors grim over 9 years ago and what likely would b
Priors over 9 years ago pullover no reason car has ins and name was valid DL
Are we talking about a 5th degree drug charge? If so, the law will likely call for 180 days minimum, and around a year...
Can I get a 4th degree DWI from 11 years ago expunged from my record?
Got the DWI when I was 20. Since then, no other arrests. Are DWIs eligible for expungement?
Based on the facts you have given, you can apply for expungement. You should hire an attorney to aid you in the process....
Application for MN limited license rejected because license revoked by Wisconsin. What to do now?
I have a MN License. After a DUI and as per court order, my driving privilege revoked by Wis DMV for 6 months. MN DMV revoked for 30 days. Still not able to get limited license in MN for a national registry entry by Wisconsin. Per Wisconsin DMV, the clearance will be given after 6 months. Seems , till then I'll be not able to drive even though MN revoked it only for 30 days. What to do next ?
The first step is to contact the Department of Public Safety and speak with an evaluator. They can spell out exactly...