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I was supposed not too get in trouble for a year Sussex court but got stop in hopewell va for dui
Got stop officer sad I fail to stop in ask for drivers license he said he smell alcohol
A violation of good behavior can result in suspended jail time being imposed. And the new charge could bring...
Can DMV suspend my license
2016 I was in a car accident and I was the only vehicle involved. It was late at night and a animal ran out in front of my car. I swerved to avoid hitting it when something broke underneath which caused me to hit a tree. The cop said in his report I supposingly told him I was trying to kill myself. After being released from the hospital I retained a copy of the police report. The report states I was not speeding, I was wearing my seatbelt, I was not under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. It was a dark area with no street lights. After retaining the police report I went to the station that responded to the crash site. The emt responders said they was first on crash scene and I was in and out of conciseness and they could barely get my name until they found my information in my wallet. They also stated I never really talked to the officer. Can DMV suspend my license based of of these facts or can I sue DMV for falsely taking my license and putting me through stress
DMV can suspend your license if you get multiple tickets or a dui. Check with dmv and get a print out of your record...
Charged with DUI, out of state license (military).
My husband was arrested for DUI, went to trial, paid all fines. He completed the sentencing required. My question is he has a out of state license (he is in the military). He has all documentation that was needed to have his restricted license. We received a letter in the mail saying that he is not licensed and cannot drive. He received a restricted license from the judge. He paid the reinstatement fee of $200 at the DMV for his out of state license.
You question hinges on what state is telling him he is licensed and can not drive. If it is his home state, then he...
What can i expect from a first dui??? my bac was .17...i really scared and don't know what to except...
my driving record is clear and i have never been in trouble with the law
Sorry to hear you're going through this. Unfortunately, there isn't enough information here for any of us t competently...
What can I do to get my DUI reduced?
I had a panic attack while driving under the influence.. pulled over, got out and started walking. The passenger, more drunk than I, knocked on a near by house to borrow a phone to get help. Someone called the police. When I found my way back the cops were there and they searched me, did the roadside tests etc. I admitted I was the driver of the car which was parked near by. I didn't have the keys in my possession or anything. But I did admit it. The bac recorded in my paperwork was .11 I have no prior record and only 1 speeding ticket. Is there a possibility of getting this reduced?
It will depend on the Commonwealth Attorney and Judge. You need to consult a local attorney in the county or city in...
I was convicted of dui in the state of va and I was just told to do the dui course in 1 year , I havent done so yet ?
What can happen to me ? I had a son and haven’t had any money what so every or I wouldn’t have waited
If you qualify as indigent the court has the power to excuse most of your VASAP fees.
How does an out-of-state DUI affect my Virginia drivers license?
I was arrested in Illinois last month for a .12 DUI. My lawyer expects that I will receive a six-month suspension of my license and a suspended sentence from the Illinois judge. The six-month drivers license suspension begins automatically on January 25. Will Virgínia follow the Illinois ruling?
You have a lawyer---you should discuss the Drivers License Compact and states sharing and honoring each others actions.