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  • Woman charged with stabbing man in Franklin

    Sunday May 22 | via New Jersey Herald 

    A man was seriously injured when he was stabbed, and a borough woman was arrested and charged with stabbing him, police said. The Franklin Borough Police Department responded to reports of a stabbing on Mabie Street on Friday.


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  • Flanders man charged with stealing Ipads from M&...

    Thursday May 19 | via New Jersey Herald 

    A Mars Chocolate North America employee was arrested on charges that he stole 60 iPads and two iPod touch MP3 players from the M&M manufacturer before selling them in town, police said. On March 31, Hackettstown police began investigating a suspicious transaction of 13 iPads that were sold at The Gold Mine on Main Street in Hackettsown, police said.


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  • Newton man charged with taking vehicle, resisting ar...

    Wednesday May 18 | via New Jersey Herald 

    Herman K. Flood, 25, was charged with fourth-degree unlawful taking of means of conveyance, fourth-degree obstruction of government justice, disorderly persons resisting arrest, operating a motor vehicle under the influence, operating a motor vehicle under the influence with a minor as a passenger and operating a motor vehicle while driver's license is suspended. At 6:32 p.m. Monday, May 16, Newton police received a report from a Mill Street resident that her 2006 Volkswagen Jetta had been taken by a male relative without her consent and that she believed he was operating the vehicle while he was intoxicated and with his infant son in the car, police said.


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  • Hopatcong woman charged with DWI

    Tuesday May 10 | via New Jersey Herald 

    At 3:10 a.m. Friday, May 6, a Sparta police officer patrolling Route 15 stopped a 2015 Chevrolet he observed travelling at a high rate of speed, police said. While speaking with the driver -- identified as Nascimento -- the officer determined she was possibly operating her vehicle under the influence of alcohol and conducted a series of field sobriety tests, which Nascimento failed, police said.


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  • Woman charged with DUI after ramming cop car, fleein...

    Tuesday May 3 | via The Jersey Journal 

    FAIRFIELD - Authorities allege that a 21-year-old woman was high Tuesday morning and rammed into a police car multiple times trying to flee from arrest in Essex County. The incident began shortly after 9 a.m. when police responded to a report of a woman using drugs in the parking lot of the Quick Chek on Passaic Avenue in Fairfield, according to Fairfield Chief Anthony Manna.


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Hopatcong Law

Why am I paying 280 for a first offense when it says that that is the price for a second offense? Is it because of my BAC?
charged with a first offense DUI with a BAC of .23 judge said 48hr IDRC is required.
NJSA 39:4-50 is the statute discussing DWI. First offenses are subject to paying certain fines and assessments/...
Third DWI in less than a year and second driving with a suspended license penalties?
My soon to be ex spouse was in an accident with his fathers car yesterday. He totaled the car and was arrested for dwi, careless driving, failure to keep right, driving with a suspended license, and open container. This is his third DWI since September 2015. What are the penalties for this many DWI in under a year? I already know he is going to jail for the last on from February. Thank you for your answers.
He faces 6 months for the third DWI and 18 months for driving on the DWI revoked list, which is an indictable criminal...
What kind of ramifications will come from a third dwi charge within five years?
My husband was arrested on Monday for a third dwi plus issued six other tickets one including driving with a suspended license. The first dwi was in August 2013 and the second was September 2015. He hasn't completed all the requirements from the second dwi. What are his chances he will avoid jail time? He also refused a breath test and refused all field sobriety tests on Monday.
If convicted of a 3rd DWI with 10 years of the second DWI, he will lose his license for 10 years, will be sentenced to...
Is it possible to get a reduction on the term of an interlock device?
I got a second offense dui in December of 2012. Ive had my license back since March of 2015, after 2 years without it, needless to say I learned my lesson. I received the max term on the ignition interlock, no thanks to the useless public defender I had. I have had my license back over a year now with my only lockout being from a failed rolling retest because I left the vehicle running. I started a new career where I'll need to get a second vehicle and I honestly can't afford to pay for the device in more than one vehicle.
It is unlikely that at this time you would be able to reduce the time of the interlock. The best time to have made the...
Can I Sue the Drunk Driver, if I wasn't hurt?
I was driving the other night, and a drunk driver came in my lane. We would have had a head on collision, but I swerved off the road. Still, the driver side of my car is smahed in and my car is totaled. My friend and I miraculously weren't hurt. But I'm wondering if I can still sue this person? He almost killed us and has no regard for human life. I'm actually terrified to get back behind the wheel . Would I be able to get a lawyer, who doesn't charge me, but takes a percentage of the settlement? Thank you for your advice.
This is a personal injury question. You are not permitted to sue for being "in the zone of danger" without personal...
Does the NY DDP satisfy NJ IDRC class?
I am a NJ licensed driver who was convicted of a NY DWAI. I have completed my full 7 weeks of NY DDP classes and went to an OASIS evaluation. I have also been told I need to attend a NJ IDRC. Do I need to attend the NJ classes?
Who told you? If NJ Motor Vehicle Commision sends you a letter, then you have to go. However, make sure you have...
The NJ DMV law says I need a breath analyzer when my license is restored, do I still need that device if I dont have a car?
I would like to restore my license and then move to Florida and transfer my license there. I can use public transportation while I save up to buy a car.
If you don;t have a car, obviously you can't install one. However, until you get one, I believe they won't restore...