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Is there a possibility? In August of 2012 I was charged with a DUI and completed everything that was asked of me, except an IID.
I paid my fines & finished the ASAP program provided to me on post. My contract was up with the Army 1/20/2013 & I returned home to Wisconsin. Six months after my arrest I was able to have my license reinstated in the state of Wisconsin with no issues. I was under the assumption I was in the clear, up until recently. I went to apply for my temp. CDL license & was told I was ineligible. The woman I spoke to at the DMV informed me that I am indeed ineligible but also that I have a warrant for my arrest, required to pay a reinstatement fee, and have an IID installed in my vehicle. I went & checked the circuit court website and found out I had a summons in 2013, which I never knew about. Apparently my probation has been revoked due to noncompliance w/ ASAP, which isn't the case. If my probation hadn't been revoked without my knowledge I would have been able to supply this information at an earlier date. What I am asking you is this; is there a way I can have my driving privilege reinstated for the state of Alaska without having to have an IID installed in my vehicle. I would be legal to consume alcohol by this point in time had Fort Wainwright's ASAP office provided the documents.
Your situation is old enough and complicated enough that I think you need to hire an attorney in the jurisdiction where...
How do I find an expert witness on ketones diabetes and alcohol
Was not driving truck engine quit when crossing minor flooding. On Palio diet insulin dependent. Worked hard all day ate last meal at lunch. Stopped by bar and had two beers between 5 o'clock and 6 o'clock pm then drank seltzer and water until 10 when I finished a third beer. I drove by a small store but they did not have anything on my diet. i walked back to the store and proceeded to have coffee to warm up. I did not take insulin as I was crashing already. My speech and coordination were effected thanks Guy Johnson
Google it.............................................................................
In alaska if your dui's are over 10 yrs apart is the 2nd one still charged as a first time dui?
I got 2 dui's one in 2006 and another in 2016. I have heard the 2nd should be seen as a 1st time dui because they were over 10 yrs apart. Is this true? My first was a refusal to blow, but my second was a very basic cut a dry dui. Is this just because i live in Alaska that it wasnt charged as a 1st time dui again even though it was over 10 yrs later?? Thank you.
That's the basic idea. You should hire an attorney though. If you cannot afford one, the court will appoint one for...
Can I get my driving privileges reinstated in another state while Mn has a hold on it
I lost my license on Mn about 18 years ago. Fourteen years ago I had a felony DUI in AK. Recently had a dwsol. The court wants me to get my license back and they will dismiss the charges. AK is willing to give my license back but MN had a hold on it . I've completed treatment and have several years of AA and NA meetings but not any documentation. How do I get MN to release the hold
The only way to clear your license status in MN is to complete all the reinstatement requirements. Unfortunately there...
Why did the state of alaska give me second dui even when my first one was over ten years ago?
I recieved a dui in 2006 and got a 2nd one 10 yrs later in 2016. I mentioned that it should be treated like my 1st but no one would listen and i was made to take a 2nd time dui deal. Is this right or should it have actually been charged as a 1st time dui. Thank you.
No way to answer why no one listen to you and no way to answer this question without reviewing all the facts, evidence...
If a vehicle violation that resulted in a DUI is false, can this be reason to fight the case (or lessen charges)?
I was pulled over for a faulty taillight (emitting white light instead of red, policeman said) but he started fishing for DUI & succeeded. I failed field sobriety & breathalyzer tests, & was booked on charges of DUI. But I checked and there's nothing wrong with my lights. Is possible to fight this by claiming that I never should have been pulled over in the first place?
A stop of a vehicle based on false pretenses is grounds for a motion to suppress all evidence obtained as a result of...
Can I get the dui charged dismissed
I'm a military member. I arrived at the golf course on post early to play golf. Got out of the car to set up my gear and had a couple shots from a flask outside of the vehicle. Got back in the car and turned the heater a little later while still waiting to play. MPs did a 'safety check' . Blew a .17 and was charred with a dui even though I had no intent to drive. Is it possible to fight this? If so, how?
Contact a local DUI attorney to see if your case can be fought.