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What motion is best to file to have a component of the DWI sentence from June 1989 waived or amended or removed?
In June 1989, I pled no contest to a DWI. At the time , i was a licensed driver in Florida and the driving privilege in NH was revoked. I see there are 3 motions that may be applicable: Motion to Amend Sentence; Motion to Reduce Sentence; or Motion to Vacate. I will be taking this action pro se and would appreciate advice as to which Motion is best to use to have the CAIP removed after 26 years.
Have you looked at the New Hampshire Annulment (expunction) statute? http://nhrsa.org/law/651-5-annulment-of-criminal-...
Can i fight a dui when i was in my parked car
i had too much to drink, went to drive home and realized it wasnt safe, i pulled over to a car wash parking lot to sleep. i was in the drivers seat and had the car off however i got cold and turned on the car for the heat. an officer woke me up and did a field test and a breath test. i was arrested for dui. i am 49 and this is the first time i have gotten into trouble
I do not practice in New Hampshire, but many state's DUI laws only require the accused to be in "actual physical...
What will happen if i missed my DMV hearing for a DWI charge?
I got a DWI in September and I forgot that I had a DMV hearing. I do not have a car nor will be driving at all. Since I will by charged based on default, how long will I lose my license for and are there any consequences of not attending the hearing?
Assuming this is a first offense, your failure to appear at the DMV hearing will result in a 6-month license suspension...
Complicated dui (>1) first offense
Hi. I have a dui first.o (0.07) in Nh. Some time after, in Ma I got a dui first.o (>0.08)CWOF. The registry saw this as two. Again now in same town Nh (refusal), we made a deal and was sentenced Dwi first.o. I am required to take classes and remain in compliance meeting twice a month as well with the program. The program sees this as 2.o. I will be providing the program with my Ma record which shows the f.o cwof. What can I expect? thanks
If I am reading your explanation and question accurately, it appears that you have had 3 arrests for DUI/DWI, 2...
Chances of winning dmv hearing and getting case dismissed
I crashed my car. No one saw but cops were called. I got arrested for dui underage and when we got back to the station I signed the form saying I comply with giving a breath test on the intoxilizer 5000. The officer seemed New and when I took the test it came up invalid or error, 4 individual times. i was later(about an hour) asked to take it again and I refused seeing as I had already given them four chances so they never were able to get an actual bac number. They still put refusal on my paper. What are the chances of winning the dmv hearing along with going to trial?
I think your chances of prevailing at the ALS hearing are good. And there's a good chance the breath test will not be...
Where can i find a sample motion to ask the NH District court to reopen a 1989 DUI/DWI case and remove the IDEP requirement?
After 25+ years, NH still has this requirement as pending. I would like a sample motion to ask the NH District court to remove the IDEP requirement since I have not drank in over 10 years. Thanks for any help.
Go to the "NH Courts" website and follow the links to circuit court, district division. Then click on "forms" and you...
I'd I fwt pulled over what do I do
If I get pulled over for speeding or a burned out taillight how do I prevent a sobriety test from happeninv
Short answer is do not appear as if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, don't speed, and keep your car in...